ABC Gets a Cord Cutter-Friendly Makeover

ABC Gets a Cord Cutter-Friendly Makeover

Cable giant ABC has relaunched its streaming service, revamping its digital presence with a range of improvements and a slate of new original digital series.

The relaunch equips ABC’s mobile app with more content, much of which is available to viewers without a pay TV login. ABC’s current programming is joined by classic series and seven new short-form digital series. ABC plans to expand the web-only lineup, and reportedly has more than 40 additional digital series in development.

On top of that, ABC has made live a live stream of its channel available in certain markets. Only 14 markets are eligible so far.

Viewers will still need a pay TV login to watch the live stream of ABC’s most recent episodes. Still, the decision to leave some content outside the paywall marks a major step forward and contrasts with FOX’s recent streaming expansion, which still forces users to prove that they’re paying customers. Both ABC and FOX are already available for free over the air in most markets.

The new app comes with cosmetic and user experience upgrades, too. The same content will be made available to stream on a section of ABC’s website.

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  1. Limited markets, cable login required. Gee, they almost get it.

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