Cutting the cord is easier than you think – especially if you take advantage of the great products and services that have popped up around a growing cord cutting industry. With the right combination of these streaming services, platforms, and cable-box replacements, you won’t miss cable at all!

Amazon Prime Instant Video

Amazon Prime Instant Video

Amazon Prime Instant Video is the new kid on the block, but it has already made a splash. Future exclusives include an original series from Woody Allen, and the company has recently vowed to “double down” on their investment in the streaming platform. Amazon Prime Instant Video is here to stay, now is a good time to get on board.

“Rabbit Ears” Antenna and a Radio

Rabbit Ears

Okay, so these are two things. They have a lot in common, though: both are old-fashioned things that are incredibly useful to cord cutters.

You might be surprised by what you can pick up over the airwaves, especially if you live near a major city. If you have rabbit ears, major channels like CBS, NBC, and FOX are yours for the taking, all without any monthly fee.

A simple radio is a great answer for sports fans. If your local team is blacked out on the league’s streaming service, you can still get the radio broadcast for free the old-fashioned way. ESPN radio is free over the air and on their app. If you’re willing to pay for Sirius XM, you’ll find plenty of dedicated sports stations there, too.

Apple TV

Apple TV

If you’re a Mac fan, you’ll love swapping your cable box out for Apple TV. Apple’s cable-killer is loaded with features and will play well with your iPad or iPhone. We recently compared it to Roku, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV Stick and found a lot to love.

Game Consoles

PlayStation 3

If there’s a gamer in your home, you may not need a Roku, Apple TV, or similar system. That’s because modern game consoles come equipped with the ability to stream your favorite movies and television shows! Netflix, Hulu, and other platforms are only a download away. Many gaming systems even let you purchase and download digital versions of movies or series and store them on your console’s hard drive.



Hulu offers a two-tiered selection of television shows and movies – users can opt for a premium experience or a trimmed-down free version. And now Hulu has Showtime in its corner, offering subscriptions to Showtime’s streaming service for $8.99. That’s the cheapest Showtime subscription available. Hulu has also recently added Seinfeld to its lineup of shows.

Major sports league streaming packages

For many cord-cutters, sports channels are the boogymen that drove cable prices up and customers away. But for cord-cutters that are also sports fans, losing live sports can be the hardest part about leaving cable behind. Luckily, most major US sports leagues have their own subscription streaming service. MLB fans can turn to, NBA fans can turn to NBA League Pass, and NHL fans can count on NHL GameCenter Live. The NFL’s Sunday Ticket service is still caught up in cords (viewers with access to DirectTV are required to get a satellite package with their subscription), but a pending anti-trust lawsuit could change that soon.

One important thing to note is that most sports streaming services black out local teams’ games. If you live in a different market than your favorite team, though, you’re in business. Audio broadcast subscriptions are often exempted from this rule – and are much cheaper, too!


High cable costs are driving Netflix users to cut the cord, according to a survey we conducted on our sister site

You didn’t need us to tell you this. Netflix is the king of streaming video, with a huge library of movies and television shows that includes exclusives and original series. With dedicated apps for just about every form of digital entertainment system, Netflix is a clear favorite among cord-cutters.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV StickAmazon Fire TV Stick

is the latest addition to your streaming options, but it’s already made a strong case for being your first choice. Amazon Fire TV Stick offers games, voice activation, and other perks. Check out our guide to the Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku to learn more!

Google Chromecast

Google ChromecastGoogle Chromecast

is a low-cost casting solution that lets you watch Netflix, Hulu, and all of your other streaming video on your television. Its low price and ability to cast browser tabs makes it a favorite of ours. Check out how it stacks up against Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Roku!


Roku 3 Streaming Media PlayerRoku

embodies everything that’s great about cord-cutting: its box is smaller, sleeker, and more attractive than your cable box – and it does more! Roku acts as a one-stop shop for streaming, serving as a platform for Hulu, Netflix, and all the rest. Just turn on the Roku and choose your app! If you’re not sold yet, check out this piece comparing Roku to its competition.