Your Chromecast can do a lot more than just stream video. Among the little streaming stick's features is the ability to cast games to your big screen. And you have a lot of options for what to play - the Cast Store, an Android app for Chromecast-related app purchases, offers more than 70 options.

All that choice can be intimidating, but don't worry - we've narrowed down your options for you. We took the top-rated free games in the Cast Store, weeded out the ones without enough reviews (we set the minimum at 100 non-zero reviews) and then cut out the second-best ones in each genre (do you really need two quiz games?). Then we took that final top 10 list and played every game. It was a tough job, but hey - someone had to do it.

10. EduKids for Chromecast (Beta)

EduKids for Chromecast (Beta)

User rating: 3.50

Our impressions: EduKids is still in development, but this beta version already shows a lot of promise. It features a diverse range of games and activities, so there should be enough to keep the little ones occupied. The app is targeted at younger children (for instance, one of the games has kids identify the sounds animals make).

9. SCRABBLE Blitz for Chromecast

Scrabble BLITZ for Chromecast

User rating: 3.50

Our impressions: This fast-paced version of Scrabble has players try to form as many words as they can from the same set of letters. It's fun, quick, and perfect for groups. Of course, as with many of these group games, each player will need their own device and copy of the app.

8. Ludo Cast

Ludo Cast

User rating: 3.60

Our impressions: Ludo Cast is a digital board game. The interface is simple, but the board game isn't that memorable. The sound effects were a bit grating. This wasn't our favorite, but lovers of board games might want to give it a try.

7. Big Web Quiz

Big Web Quiz

User rating: 3.84

Our impressions: Big web quiz is the Chromecast's top-rated quiz and trivia app, and it cost a few runners-up a spot on this list. It earned the honor, though - the app is colorful, fun, and clever. The questions are diverse and pretty evenly spread across different categories. One downside: Big Web Quiz doesn't let you play over the internet, so you'll have to be social and invite your friends over.

6. Doodlecast for Chromecast

Doodlecast for Chromecast

User rating: 3.85

Our impressions: Doodlecast is basically Pictionary on the big screen. Of all of the apps on this list, it would be our pick for your next house party. It's a simple way to make a classic game easier to play - there aren't any bells and whistles on this app, but it's great at what it does.


5. 2048 For Chromecast

2048 for Chromecast

User rating: 3.86

Our impressions: 2048, the addicting online game where players swipe tiles to double numbers and try to end up with 2048, works very well with this format. With the game screen up on the TV, players can just swipe at their tablet or phone without looking. There's also a cooperative play version available with this app. If you're as obsessed with 2048 as we are, you'll like this version a lot.


4. Satis-Factory


User rating: 3.89

Our impressions: Satis-Factory isn't too intuitive, but once you get the rules down you'll find yourself enjoying it. Players roll digital dice to get resources while moving around a map trying to stop the spread for a CPU-controlled enemy. It's a fun game, though casting it to the big screen doesn't make a huge difference in the experience.


3. Motion Tennis Cast

Motion Tennis Cast

User rating: 3.96

Our impressions: We loved this one. It's not going to replace Wii Tennis anytime soon, but the controls are fairly responsive and the shot selection is pretty intuitive. Just be careful with your phone (the app helpfully reminds you to use “the wrist strap,” though just what wrist strap they're referring to is not clear). This app also tells you how many calories you've burned after each game, for some reason. It's not the most carefully crafted game, but it's a lot of fun anyway.

2. Cardcast


User rating: 4.14

Our impressions: Cardcast is basically Cards Against Humanity on your tablet. The analog version is probably still a better bet for your next party, but there are some pluses to this version - everyone can sit where they want instead of crowding around a table, and shuffling the submitted cards isn't an issue anymore. You can also play with AI players, though that will cost you 99 cents.


1. Just Dance Now

Just Dance Now

User rating: 4.24

Our impressions: This one was a good time. The song library is robust (they have everyone from Abba to LMFAO), but you'll be limited to the daily free song selection unless you pony up some dough. Setup is a bit arduous for a dancing game (you'll have to log on to the app's website and join a “dance room” to get started), but once the ball is rolling this makes a fun family game. Picture a simplified version of any motion-capture dancing game, and you have a pretty good idea of what to expect here. Just don't throw your cell phone while you're busting a move!