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Cord cutting can mean big savings – up to $66.61 per month, affording to FCC figures from a year ago (and it's only gotten worse since then, with many subscribers paying prices near $100!). With all of that money, cord cutters can turn around and sign up for subscription streaming services like Netflix, getting tons of content back while still saving a chunk of that $66 for themselves. In fact, there are tons of options for cord cutters, and plenty of ways to take that cable money and spend it more wisely.

But with so many options, what services are right for you? We've covered rivalries like Netflix and Hulu before, but there's so much more out there and it's sometimes hard to know which combination of services can best replace your cable experience. With that in mind, we've created these three potential solutions for three different types of viewers. Use these sample budgets as a simple starting point, and tweak them a bit to customize your solution!

The Film Buff

FilmNetflix: $8

For movie fans, cutting the cord is a no-brainer – and that's largely because of Netflix. Your Netflix subscription will give you access to some of the best movies ever made. Sorry, AMC, but you're just not needed here anymore.

Hulu: $8
Hulu has a very strong collection of movies that helps make its video library even larger than Netflix's. Hulu has everything from modern classics to old Charlie Chaplin films, and it's all on demand.

Amazon Prime Instant Video: $8.25 ($99 per year divided by 12 months)
Do you really need all three of the major streaming services? Well, if you're a movie buff, then you might! And as we'll see in a moment, even with all of these subscriptions, you'll be saving a bundle each month. We're also leaving extra space in this budget, with the idea that film buffs may want to buy digital copies of their favorite films through Amazon's interface.

Total cost: $24.25/month

The TV Show Addict

SimpsonsHulu: $8

When it comes to television shows, Hulu just has Netflix beat. A paid account with Hulu will net you tons of new episodes from shows from all different networks. That means FOX's animated comedies, the major networks' late night talk shows, and serious dramas from networks like TNT. And if you want, you can add Showtime through Hulu for a discounted price.

HBO GO: $15 (through Sling TV)
HBO's streaming app will give you access to Game of Thrones, True Detective, and all of the other HBO shows you can't miss. You don't need cable to get HBO – so why are you paying for cable?

CBS All Access: $6
If you're a fan of CBS's programming and are eligible for the streaming portion of the CBS All Access app, then you might find that this app is for you. Check out our review of CBS All Access to learn more!

Sling TV: $20
Sling TV gives you AMC, TNT, and lots of other networks with great original programming. If you want to keep up with the new Walking Dead series, this service is for you.

Total cost: $49/month

The Sports Fan

Antenna: free after initial cost

You'll have to pay a bit up-front to get your antenna, but there's no monthly rate to worry about once you've got it installed. And, as we've covered before, antennas are a great way to get sports coverage for free over the air – including NFL games!

Sling TV: $20
Sling TV offers ESPN and ESPN 2, which will also give you access to ESPN's streaming service, WatchESPN. TNT and TBS are included too, which means you'll get some NBA games.

Sling TV Sports Extra package: $5
Sling's sports extra package is worth adding if you're a sports fanatic. You'll get lots of college sports coverage and some more soccer, too.

Your favorite league package: About $25 during the season
Sports fans have to deal with individual league packages, which can be a bit costly. But you've cut cable, so you can afford this! Besides, these monthly rates only apply during the season, so you can spend the whole off-season saving up – or pair a summer league (like baseball) with a winter one (like basketball) to enjoy your-round sports for a predictable monthly price.

Total cost: $50/month when your favorite league is in season; $25/month in the off-season

3 thoughts on “3 Sample Budgets That Show What Streaming Services You Can Afford By Cutting Your Cable Bill

  1. James Bates says:

    I have 5 TVs in various rooms. How does this work on all of them?

    This is for TV only so what do I do for internet & phone?

  2. Peter says:

    You would need a streaming device for each TV.

    Also, you would have to find an affordable internet provider separately.

    I pay $55 a month for my internet and phone and another $22 for my streaming content. No commercials, and almost $100 less than I was paying Comcast. I have only 1 TV, though.

  3. Shae says:

    What is the difference between streaming boxes and streaming sticks?

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