Google's Chromecast is one of the best choices for everyday home streaming, thanks in a large part to its extremely competitive price point and its simple user experience, which puts the control and the content discovery on your mobile device rather than your big screen. But Chromecast isn't just about streaming – just ask its developers, who were up on stage a while back talking a big, well, game about Chromecast's game support. The Chromecast “2” arrived shortly thereafter, and with it came a few new games, but our last list of the best Chromecast games showed that there were still a few gaps to fill. The app store gods have been a bit kinder to Chromecast users since then, and this new edition of our guide to the best Chromecast games includes a few newcomers alongside some old favorites

The Best Chromecast Games

Here are our picks for the best Chromecast games, presented in no particular order:

Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds FriendsDownload for: AndroidiOS

Have you heard of this mobile game called Angry Birds? I heard it got pretty popular. Anyway, this new version gives you the opportunity to play on the big screen with your friends. The gameplay is the same as it is in the other eight hundred Angry Birds games, and it's just as fun this time around.

Doodlecast for Chromecast

Doodlecast for ChromecastDownload for: Android

Doodlecast is an ultra-simple Pictionary-type game that lets you draw on your phone and display your handiwork to the room. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I absolutely use it for this, its intended purpose, and not to start drawing cartoons when nobody is looking at the TV so that they later turn and say hey, who drew an inappropriate picture on the TV?

Risk: Global Domination

Risk: Global DominationDownload for: AndroidiOS

There are other board games besides Risk, but I'm really not sure why that is. Risk is the perfect game to play over a few beers with friends, or with enemies, or with anyone, really, because Risk is the best board game ever. Other games may come close, but they are not better. And please do not email me about Settlers of Catan, which is just Risk for nerds.

Now that we've agreed that Risk is the best game ever, let me share some good news with you: you can play Risk on your Chromecast! It works in much the same way as the Monopoly game above, only it's better, because it's Risk.

Your favorite Android game

Okay, so this one isn't really a game. But full-screen casting on Android means that any Android game can be a Chromecast game. I use this helpful feature to show guests in my home how highly developed my Clash of Clans fortress is, which may be why I don't get a lot of visitors. You can use it to play everything from Final Fantasy to Candy Crush on the big screen.