We’re big fans of Hulu here at Cordcutting.com. Sure, Hulu can sometimes be overshadowed by Netflix, but it offers a really impressive range of quality TV shows and movies. Plus, Hulu lets you do something that Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video don’t: they’ll let you watch some content for free.

So what is free on Hulu? Well, that depends. Hulu usually limits your television options to recent seasons and episodes, and they only promote certain movies on their free side. To guide our fellow freeloaders, we’re putting together this list of the best of Hulu’s free content. These are the free Hulu movies and television shows that you can't afford to miss!

Best Free Movies on Hulu

Charlie Bartlett (2008)Charlie Bartlett

This coming-of-age comedy stars Anton Yelchin and Robert Downey Jr., among others. Charlie Bartlett is smart and rich, and he's determined to become popular by dispensing prescription drugs. Pretty soon, though, he ends up acting as a therapist for the whole school. The film is clever, romantic, funny, moving, and totally free to stream on Hulu.

Children of the Corn (1984)

Children of the Corn

Children of the Corn became a massive franchise with countless sequels, but it all started with this one. This 1984 classic was based on a Stephen King short story, and its scares are a bit smarter than the ones you’ll find in its many sequels. If you haven’t seen this bone-chilling classic, you can catch for free on Hulu right now.

The Evil Dead (1981)

The Evil Dead

Sam Raimi’s horror cult classic is streaming for free on Hulu! The Evil Dead was made on a showstring budget, but the bizarre film gained a cult following and is now considered a horror classic. The movie stars Bruce Campbell and features low-budget special effects, campy horror elements, and grotesque evil dead beings. What's not to love?

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2010)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The original Swedish movie adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s hit novel is grittier and possibly better than the 2011 English-language version. For fans of the book or the 2011 film, this version is a must-see. Hulu has it streaming for free.

Trailer Park Boys: The Movie (2006)

Trailer Park Boys The Movie

The original Trailer Park Boys series was a low-budget comedy set in a Canadian trailer park, and it quickly captured the hearts of countless fans. The movie version lives up to the high standards of the show, and it’s free to stream on Hulu. Not bad, eh?

Best Free TV Shows on Hulu


Here’s a hint for Hulu: the older the show, the more free episodes you’re likely to find. In the case of the classic police procedural series Dragnet, you’ll find all 98 original episodes streaming for free. You have the right to remain entertained.

The I.T. Crowd

The I.T. Crowd

This hilarious British geek comedy is a cult classic, and you can find out why for free. Hulu has all 25 episodes of the show up, all for free. Maybe Hulu’s I.T. team refused to put the paywall up around this one.

South Park

South Parh

Most of Hulu’s great television shows only offer a handful of free episodes (Seinfeld, for instance, only offers 5). That’s not the case with South Park. You’ll find a total of 30 free South Park episodes on Hulu, including early episodes (like Season 1, Episode 1) and fan favorites (like “Scott Tenorman Must Die”).

Star Trek

Star Trek

The original Star Trek ran for just three seasons, but it has become a cultural touchstone and remains one of the most beloved science fiction series of all time. And thanks to Hulu, 29 of Star Trek’s 79 episodes are streaming for free. That’s nearly half the series! Die hard fans will want to pay for the whole thing, but for the rest of us, 29 episodes might be enough – and you can't beat the price.

The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone

TV’s original paranormal series is 100% free on Hulu. That’s 5 seasons and 156 episodes! Getting a classic television show for free? Such a thing could only happen in… the Hulu Zone.

Did we miss any of your favorite free Hulu movies or TV shows? Let us know in the comments!