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FCC filings for two new Roku media players were published yesterday on FCC's site.

Roku FCC Filings

The filings refer to models 4210X2 and 4230X2. The model numbers of the Roku 2 (2015) are 4210R/4210X and the model numbers of the Roku 3 (2015) are 4230R/4230X. In 4210X and 4230X, the ‘X' means online sales; whereas the ‘R' refers to retail. So, the new players seem to be updated, online-sold versions of the Roku 2 and the Roku 3.


Roku DoC Letter


You can view the filings via these links:

One thought on “FCC Filings for Two New Roku Media Players Appeared Online

  1. consorts says:

    It was really silly of roku to use “R” for retail. Most of us associate “R” at the end of a model number as refurbished or reconditioned.

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