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It's not hard these days to cut the cable or satellite cord and still enjoy the content you love. With on-demand streaming services like Netflix plus live TV streaming services, it's easier than ever to keep watching the shows you love without paying cable or satellite bills. But to take advantage of cord-cutting services like this, of course, you'll need another cord: the one that connects your home to an internet service provider. That's why we recently showed you how to get internet without cable and highlighted some of the best deals ISPs are offering around the country. Now we're taking a closer look at one ISP in particular: Verizon. Verizon's fiber-optic network, Fios, offers speeds fast enough to make streaming 4K video a breeze. But how much is Fios Internet where you live, what sort of deals are available, and are any of Fios' internet-only packages right for you? Let's take a look.

What Is Fios? Here's What You Need to Know

Fios is a service that uses a fiber-optic network. Fiber-optic cables use thin silica or plastic fibers to send light long distances, and they can offer better bandwidths than old-school wire cables. In other words, fiber-optic networks can send a lot of data quickly, which is why Verizon uses one for its Fios offerings. Those offerings include more than just internet connections: Fios also offers wireless phone service and traditional pay TV. In this piece, of course, we'll be focused on the internet service part of the equation.

How Much Is Verizon Internet on a Fios Internet-Only Deal?

Verizon offers all kinds of internet deals and other services – as mentioned above, it's not just an ISP, but a mobile provider and a TV service provider as well. And, as you might expect, that can make it difficult to find the answer to a seemingly simple question: how much is Verizon internet?

The short answer is that Verizon makes its Fios Internet deals cheaper when you bundle in TV service, but that your overall savings may be higher if you opt for a Fios internet-only deal and then add streaming subscriptions. You can learn more and test out the math in your particular case by using our cord cutting calculator. Just remember not to include Netflix in your calculations if you're getting it included in one of the special offers below.

Did we say special offers? Yes, we did. You can reap some additional savings by starting your internet service off with one of Verizon's special offers. Availability will vary by region, but there's a good chance that you can save some extra cash by snagging your internet service through one of these introductory pricing deals. And the deals below don't require any long-term contracts, so you won't be trapped when the special rate ends.

Fios 100/100 Mbps Internet

The “100/100” here means 100 Mbps of upload speed and 100 Mbps of download speed. That's plenty of speed (you'll want to have at least 50 Mbps for simultaneous 4K video and live TV streaming, and this is – obviously – twice that). You can lock in a rate of $39.99/month online (plus taxes, equipment charges, and fees) by taking advantage of this deal.
Verizon Fios Gigabit Connection is incredibly fast – you can power multiple internet-connected devices at once, and you can do it all for just $79.99/month online (plus taxes, equipment charges, and fees), which is a good price for this kind of power. Did we mention that you also get a year of Netflix included with this deal? Not bad, not bad at all.

On top of that, you get a credit of up to $500 to help cover your early termination fee if you're currently under contract with another provider.

Fios Internet Speeds: What You Need

Fios Internet is fast. It's even fast when you choose 50/50 Mbps service, which means the speed is 50 Mbps for both uploads and downloads. Readers of our guide to getting internet without cable will recall that 50 Mpbs is about as fast as you need internet to be if you're going to do things like stream live video or 4K video. In other words, the minimum Fios plan is fast enough to support cord cutters. The other plans give your household a little extra room, perfect for using lots of internet-connected devices or even streaming on multiple devices at once. In short, while more speed is better, all of Fios' internet-only deals are speedy enough for a typical cord cutter.

Is Verizon Internet Good? You Bet It Is

If it's available in your region, Fios Internet is a pretty affordable path to speeds that are more than enough to allow you to stream video (including live video and 4K video) over the internet to devices like laptops, smartphones, and smart TVs. But is Fios as good as advertised?

It seems that it is. In a category not exactly known for popular companies, Fios remains well-respected by its customers. It was awarded “Highest Ranked by Customers, Residential Internet Service Satisfaction in the East” by J.D. Power and Associates in 2017, and Fios has held that top spot for five years running.

To learn more about Fios and its special offers, click here.

All offers include the ETF credit of up to $500, in case you're locked into a contract with another provider right now. Must provide documentation and maintain Verizon service for 90 days.

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