July 7th is “Cut the Cord Day,” and TCL is celebrating by giving away 103 “cord cutting bundles,” each including a 55″ TCL Roku 4K TV and a Mohu Blade antenna. Enter the giveaway here.

Cut the Cord Day giveaway

Why 103? Because the average American household spends $103 every month on cable – something you won't need to do if you snag one of TCL's bundles.

TCL's Roku TVs are superb all-in-one streaming TV setups, and an earlier model earned high marks from us in our review. The model in this giveaway appears to be even more impressive: it boasts 4K Ultra-HD resolution and measures an impressive 55″.

The Mohu Blade is a great piece of hardware in its own right. It's sleek, stylish, and powerful – not to mention well-reviewed, including by us.

TCL's big giveaway runs all week long, so sign up now and keep your fingers crossed!