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Here comes June, arriving with the weekend and with a whole bunch of new stuff to watch. Let's not waste any time, because you still have to wrap up late May's new Arrested Development season and there is so, so much more for you to watch. Here's what's changing on Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Hulu, Crackle, and Tubi TV in June!


If the NHL Stanley Cup finals have you fired up for hockey, you can watch Miracle and re-live the greatest moment in sports history. And if you were bummed out about Goodfellas leaving the service last month, well, at least you can watch The Departed now, which is sort of like Goodfellas, only it's in Boston and not as good.


The Disaster Artist

and Lady Bird are coming to Amazon. But the real story here is that Amazon is bringing the entire Leprechaun series of horror films to its platform. The titles of the final four are particularly inspired: Leprechaun 4: In SpaceLeprechaun 5: In The HoodLeprechaun 6: Back 2 Tha Hood, and the incongruously straight-faced Leprechaun: Origins. I've only seen, like, three Leprechaun movies, but I'll be changing that soon, and so should you.


Blade Runner 2049 

and 2017's It are among the top titles coming to HBO this month. But you only have until the month to watch the departing Harry Potter movies or Fast and Furious movies – or both, if you're a big Harry Potter fan and a big Fast and Furious fan, which I'm sure is true of somebody out there.


Apollo 13, Brokeback Mountain, 

and Hulu this month. But you know what else is? ALL OF THE LEPRECHAUN MOVIES. That's right, folks: there's no excuse to not go on a Leprechaun binge this month. Also arriving this month is third-best baseball movie of all time Bull Durham, which is a nice consolation prize as second-best baseball movie of all time A League of Their Own leaves us. Okay-but-doesn't-make-the-podium baseball movie Bad News Bears is also on the way out. Do not email me about my baseball movie takes. They are immutable.


Crackle's new additions include the classic 1999 film Lake Placid, in which a 30-foot man-eating crocodile terrorizes a sleepy lakefront town. All of this somehow makes more sense than the fact that the film is actually not set in Lake Placid, New York, but rather in a fictional town in Maine that is not even called Lake Placid, so the title is just, like, using “Placid” as an adjective, or something, even though you would think that it should be “Placid Lake,” then, instead, right?

Anyway, you also have one month only to watch the criminally underrated horror movie Insidious and its two sequels, a bunch of Police Academy movies, and two sequels to Major League – but not the original Major League, which, by the way, is the first-best baseball movie of all time.

Tubi TV

A bit of a lean crop from Tubi TV this month, but there's still some quality stuff to stream on the service in June. Moonstruck is probably the highlight here, but don't miss 1987's Child's Play – that's the original “Chuckie” movie. There are also some neat Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes to be had.

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