Comcast Settles With the FCC for a Record $2.3 Million

Comcast Settles With the FCC for a Record Comcast.3 Million

Cable operator Comcast has settled a FCC investigation into its billing practices by ponying up a record amount of dough: $2.3 million, to be exact. The massive sum is the largest amount ever levied on a cable operator by the FCC, and it comes after Comcast was exposed for billing customers for services and products they did not receive.

Comcast apparently made a habit of billing customers for set-top boxes, DVRs, and premium channels that they did not order. In some cases, even customers who specifically opted out of the services and products were billed for them.

The fine isn’t the only way that Comcast is paying for its crimes. The FCC also wants to make sure that Comcast is fixing the issue and that this won’t happen again. Comcast has to provide a detailed program for investigating and correcting instances of overbilling, and the company has to abide by a “compliance program” under which they are required to obtain “affirmative, informed consent” before adding any new service or equipment charges to a customer’s bill.

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