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Optimum cable is a good option for TV and Internet with strong cable speeds in the 100 Mbps range and plenty of HD channels. It beats out Frontier on almost every stat, except in Frontier's FiOS service areas, where Frontier uses fiber to deliver much crisper, faster, and more full-featured TV.

On this page, we’ll be reviewing both Optimum by Cablevision and Frontier communications to try to give you a sense of which provider has the best deals, plans, and bundles for your needs.

Optimum by Cablevision offers faster internet speeds, internet hotspots, and comprehensive sports coverage at a reasonable price.

Frontier Communications is a great option for the budget-conscious buyer, with a large amount of TV channels and better coverage for rural customers.

Both providers offer benefits and drawbacks, and we’ll get into some of the main similarities and differences below to make your decision a little bit easier.

Optimum by Cablevision Pros and Cons


  • Good internet speeds
  • Internet Hotspots
  • Comprehensive sports coverage
  • Ability to play mobile games on your TV


  • Mixed customer reviews
  • Fewer channels
  • Lackluster bundles

Charter’s main advantage is the internet service. Faster speeds and a wide network of hotspots sets it apart from Frontier. The sports coverage is also more comprehensive, and the ability to play games on your TV is a nice touch.

On the flipside, the mixed customer reviews and less impressive channel lineups hold this service back from excellence.

Frontier Communications Pros and Cons


  • Inexpensive
  • Great rural coverage
  • No contracts


  • No mobile hotspots
  • Slow internet speeds
  • Fewer sports options

Frontier Communications is one of the more affordable providers on the market. However, lower prices also reflect slower internet speeds. The TV service is impressive, but the DSL internet speeds could be improved.

Network Comparison

When discussing internet speed differences between Optimum by Cablevision and Frontier Communications, it’s important to look at the network setup of both options.

Optimum by Cablevision uses a cable network, which was previously the gold standard of internet speeds before it was unseated by fiber optics. The connection is delivered through the coaxial cables that provide television service and is generally considered to be very fast and reliable.

Frontier Communications, on the other hand, is still largely running on a DSL network. DSL uses phone wires to deliver content and offers speeds that are much faster than dial-up. In 2017, however, “faster than dial-up” doesn’t cut it. The speeds that Frontier’s network offers are just not sufficient in a world where media streaming and online gaming are becoming increasingly commonplace.

Overall, Optimum by Cablevision outclasses Frontier when it comes to network infrastructure.

Optimum by Cablevision vs Frontier Communications Internet Performance

Optimum by Cablevision
Plan Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps) Data
Optimum 25 25 5 Unlimited
Optimum 60 60 25 Unlimited
Optimum 100 100 35 Unlimited
Optimum 200 200 35 Unlimited
Optimum 300 300 35 Unlimited
Frontier Communications
Plan Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps) Data
Simply Broadband Max 6 1 Unlimited
Simply Broadband Ultra 12 1 Unlimited
Simply Broadband Ultimate 24 1 Unlimited
Fios Internet 50/50 50 50 Unlimited
Fios Internet 100/100 100 100 Unlimited

Bundled Services: Frontier has Better Deals

Both Optimum and Frontier offer bundled deals, with double play and triple play packages available at a discount.

Optimum’s deals, however, aren’t actually that great in comparison. While they definitely offer discounts over buying the services separately, they fall behind bundle offerings from other providers.

Frontier’s bundle options are a little bit better, but don’t offer steep discounts either. This is excusable, however, considering how low their prices are to begin with.

Optimum by Cablevision vs Frontier Communications TV Service

Optimum by Cablevision

  • Large amount of on-demand content
  • Mobile viewing with the Optimum mobile app
  • Fully-featured program guide
  • More than 150 HD channels
  • Favorite specific channels for easier access
  • TAG channel offers free mobile games

Frontier Communications

  • Over 500 channels
  • Frontier TV Everywhere allows mobile viewing
  • Good availability for rural customers
  • Larger amount of entertainment channels
  • Affordable pricing

Optimum offers a comprehensive on-demand library and some useful features that add some convenience when viewing TV. The TAG channel is also a nice touch and provides something unique that not many other services offer.

Frontier offers more channels with their more premium plans and is generally less expensive than Optimum. For heavy TV viewers, the provider will usually more options than the alternative.

Sports Packages

Optimum by Cablevision

  • Optimum Sports Entertainment Pak offers access to over 25 different sports
  • Optimum College Sports Pak is great for fans of college athletics, offering comprehensive coverage of many different sports.
  • Additional “à la carte” options to suit your individual needs.

Frontier Communications

  • Sports packages cover several different sports like soccer, golf, baseball, college sports, basketball, and soccer
  • Additional individual options are available such as NHL Center Ice, NBA League Pass, MLS Direct Kick, and MLB Extra Innings

Equipment and Installation Considerations

Optimum and Frontier installation processes are pretty similar and mainly consist of just hooking up your equipment. Both providers offer some form of self-installation for some of their services, although professional installation generally comes with a fee.

Installation of Optimum by Cablevision will generally run you around $60, while Frontier installation ranges from free to around $75 depending on your service.
Generally, you’ll find that Optimum’s coverage is more impressive. With just one “pak”, you’ll have access to a wide variety of games, and additional add-on options round out this comprehensive service.

Optimum by Cablevision Key Advantage: Faster Internet and More Sports

Optimum by Cablevision has a big advantage in that the cable internet speeds are much faster than Frontier’s DSL network. The more comprehensive sports coverage also makes it an easy buy for sports enthusiasts.

Frontier Communications Key Advantage: More Channels and Budget Pricing

Outside of sports, Frontier Communications offers a better TV service at respectable prices. Though it falls behind in the internet section, it makes up for that with some of the best channel selections on the market.

Our Pick: Optimum by Cablevision, for Faster Internet and Reliable Mobile Access

Although Frontier is arguably ahead when it comes to television, Optimum outclasses the provider in almost every way when it comes to internet speeds. Add to that the fact that Optimum offers a wide network of mobile hotspots, and it’s easy to see why Optimum has the advantage in most markets.

If budget or access to the maximum amount of channels is a concern, Frontier may pull ahead, but Cablevision is generally the better pick in our opinion.

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