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YouTube TV vs AT&T TV NOW

Last updated: November 17, 2020

Starts at $40.00/mo
Starts at $50/mo

When it comes to live streaming TV programming YouTube TV and AT&T TV Now are well-known names. YouTube has been around for years offering free streaming, on-demand videos. It's YouTube TV option allows you to live-stream your favorite television programming (both local and cable options) for a monthly fee. AT&T TV Now is similar to AT&T's cable offerings but without the attachment to a home-based system. There are no contracts with either service and you can watch from any mobile device. You can watch your programs at any time and from any location that offers an internet/Wi-Fi connection.


Both YouTube TV and AT&T TV Now have basic packages that are comparably priced. Both offer live streaming and on-demand programming as well as DVR storage. Each service also offers up to 3 live streams simultaneously. Local news and sports are also available with both services. Both services can be viewed on various types of devices ranging from cell phones to smart TVs. They are completely portable and can be viewed from any location as long as you can connect to an internet source. Premium sports and movie channels are available as add-ons for an additional monthly fee. You are able to start and stop your service as needed with each service.


The main differences between YouTube TV and AT&T TV Now have to do with each services' packages and pricing. YouTube TV only offers one package with the option to include add-on packages for an extra monthly charge. AT&T TV Now offers seven packages that range in price from $50 to $135 a month, plus additional add-ons. One of AT&T TV Now's packages includes a Spanish-speaking bundle of channels. Another major difference is the DVR capabilities for both services. YouTube TV allows you to store an unlimited number of videos for nine months. AT&T TV Now only allows you to store 20 hours of video for 30 days.

Costs & Monthly Plans

YouTube TV charges $49.99 a month for 70+ live streaming local and cable channels. Premium packages can be added for an additional fee. You do not have to lease any equipment and no professional installation is required.

AT&T TV Now offers seven package options to choose from. For $50 per month, you get the Plus plan and approximately 40 channels. The Max plan includes regional sports programming for around $70 a month. The Entertainment package drops both regional sports and premium movie channels, but still gives you 65 channels for $93 a month. Next is the Choice package for $110 a month. It comes with 85 channels and brings back the regional sports channels. The Xtra package costs $124 a month and offers 105 channels. The most expensive package is the Ultimate for $135 a month and 125 channels. If you want the Spanish/English package it will cost you $86 a month and you will get 50 channels in Spanish and 40 in English. The service does offer additional add-ons, including an extra stream for $5 a month.

Original Series

Neither of the two services offers any type of live programming at this time.

Live TV

YouTube TV offers live streaming for both local programs from traditional networks and cable channels from many of the most popular channels. This includes AMC, TNT, CNN, ESPN, and the Disney Channel.

AT&T TV Now includes both local programming and cable channels. They offer all of the major networks, plus cable programs from channels like CMT, BBC, Discovery Channel, A&E, ESPN, HGTV, and Lifetime.


YouTube TV is a better choice if you want a live streaming service that is simple to understand and comparable in price to most mid-level package offerings. There are no hidden fees and offers multiple streams that work great for families.

AT&T TV Now is the best choice if you want the convenience of a streaming service with the same package prices as most cable plans. It's more expensive but offers a more diverse offering of channels simply because they are cable-based, just without the equipment.

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  1. Avatar Shari says:

    I got rid of my Dish Network cable because they kept raising their prices. I have had You Tube for only a few months and now they have raised their price $10 per month. Do all the streaming services keep increasing their prices without notice?

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