Deal Alert: Roku Premiere+ Down to $50 on Amazon

Deal Alert: Roku Premiere+ Down to  on Amazon

The Roku Premiere+ is 4K- and HDR-capable, and it’s also, somehow, only $50 right now.

The Premiere+ is $49.99 right now, to be exact – a good $40 less than its usual $89.99 price. It’s eligible for Prime shipping. It’s not clear how long this price will last, and even if it’s a permanent change, Amazon is eventually going to run out of these bad boys because Roku isn’t making them anymore. If you’re interested, you’re going to want to buy it now.

The Premiere+ debuted with Roku’s 2016 lineup rehaul, but it lost its roster spot to the Streaming Stick+ in the 2017 lineup that just debuted. We really love the new Streaming Stick+, but the Premiere+ is just one year old, every bit as 4K- and HDR-ready as the Stick+, and an absolute steal at $49.99.

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