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A huge chunk of cord cutters live in cities and suburbs, so it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of competition between antenna companies to come up with the ideal mid-range indoor antenna. Mohu‘s Leaf has long been among the favorites in that market. Now, the company has decided to tweak their most famous product in an environmentally friendly way. The Mohu ReLeaf is a version of the Leaf that’s constructed entirely of recycled materials. That’s a nice idea, but how does it work in practice? Here’s our full review.

The device

At first glance, the Mohu ReLeaf looks like any other antenna. It's rectangular, has a little plastic thing at the bottom, and connects to a coaxial cable. Simple enough!

The thing about the ReLeaf, though, is the materials. It's made of recycled materials – including plastic from cable set-top boxes (get it?). The flat part is made of recycled cardboard. Even the box is kind of green – they've saved paper by printing instructions inside the box, rather than on an additional instructional booklet.

Take a close look, and the material choices become a little more obvious. This is not the black or white plastic you usually see on antennas – the whole thing is varying shades of gray. One side is a little darker than the other, so you can kind of choose your own adventure – as long as that adventure is one of two shades of gray. To be frank, it's a little unattractive either way. Hey, nobody ever said saving the environment was going to be sexy.

On the bright side, the ReLeaf's coaxial cable (10 feet long, included) is not permanently attached to the device like it is with most antennas. That means it's easy to swap it out for a longer or shorter one.

Hanging the antenna is very easy, thanks to the built-in pinholes in the corners of the device and the included pins. It's a simple solution, but it works better than the adhesive strips that most antennas include.

Reception and range

I was very impressed with the range and reception quality of the ReLeaf. I wasn't sure what to expect from an antenna made of cardboard, but this device delivered.

The advertised range of the Mohu ReLeaf is 30 miles. In my trials, I got that range fairly reliably. I even managed to get some channels that AntennaWeb said I'd need a directional antenna to pick up. Antennas don't always live up to their advertised ranges, but the Mohu ReLeaf managed that and then some.

For the most part, channels near and far came through loud and clear. Overall, the Mohu performed very impressively.


At $39.99, the ReLeaf is fairly priced for its advertised range. Considering its quality, it's a bargain.


The Mohu ReLeaf is a powerful and reliable little antenna, and it comes at a great price point. It's not the most beautiful antenna I've ever seen, but it's fairly unobtrusive. And, of course, it's environmentally friendly. I recommend it.

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  1. Carol Gulla says:

    So, can I cancel Comcast, plug this in, and I will have TV? Or do I have to get DirecTV first?

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