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Date Published: 01 Nov 2018

Do you want to embark on a thrilling trip across the parallel universe? It’s never late for a new one! We

are glad you landed at The Best of Sci-Fi Movies, a friendly movie channel available 24/7. The list of

entries will leave you astonished, see it for yourself! Here you’ll spot the all-time cinematic marvels by

the greatest directors, both American and European. We offer you a binge of science-fiction serials, as

well as the privilege of watching the feature-length movies in good quality.

Not sure if you have watched this movie before? It’s not a problem anymore! Read through the movie

profile and make up your mind in a flash. Each description spills the beans on the film’s in-betweens and

outs, mentioning the starring actors, plot summary, and some little-known facts. The Best of Sci-Fi

Movies is a free channel, encouraging viewers from the World Wide Web to give their props to the

greatest movies of the 20 th century.

If the imaginary worlds, supernatural powers, and faraway galaxies invoke a powerful response of you,

then you will be literally blown-away with all the besties we have. “Killers from Space,” “War of the

Robots,” “The Lost City,” “In the Year 2889” – here’s just a sneak-peek on our movie range. So, get

plenty of popcorn, make yourself comfortable in front of the screen, and enjoy!

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