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Cord cutting is about your entire entertainment experience, so here at, we consider it our mission to help you create your ideal entertainment situation. So we don't just limit ourselves to writing about streaming services, smart TVs, and cord cutting trends – we also want to help you with your home entertainment setup. That's why we put together lists of the best products for cord cutters. In the past, we've covered, for example, DVRs, 4K TVs, and cable modems. This time around, we're addressing your audio situation. These are the best soundbars for home entertainment!

As always, our list is an aggregation of the best best-of sites on the net. We're drawing from top-notch review sites like CNET, consumer advisor sites like The Wirecutter, and user feedback in the form of reviews on sites like Amazon, Google, and The soundbars on this list pop up time and again on best-of lists, get great reviews from trusted sources, and enjoy lots of positive customer feedback. Let's get to the list!

1. Definitive Technology W Studio

Definitive Technology W Studio

Price: $1,299

Specs: 3.1; includes subwoofer; RF and AirPlay; 3.5 mm, optical, stereo RCA, and HDMI inputs; 37.5″

Reviews and Customer Feedback

If you don't mind spending some big bugs, the Definitive Technology W Studio is the cream of the soundbar crop. It earned the Editor's Choice designation from PC Magazine, and later made their list of the Best Soundbars of 2015. If you're looking for something just a little more affordable, Digital Trends liked the Definitive Technology SoloCinema Studio soundbar, which comes in at around $500 less.

2. Pioneer SP-SB23W

Pioneer SP-SB23W

Price: $449

Specs: 2.1; includes subwoofer; Bluetooth; optical and stereo RCA inputs; 36″

Reviews and Customer Feedback

CNET didn't beat around the bush when they praised the Pioneer SP-SB23W: they called it simply the “best affordable sound bar if you care about sound quality.” They note that the product has some design drawbacks, but those flaws weren't enough to keep the SP-SB23W from earning an “Outstanding” rating from CNET, along with their coveted Editor's Choice designation. This soundbar also made CNET's Best Sound Bars of 2016 list. Digital Trends made it one of their top picks, too.

3. Samsung HW-J550

Samsung HW-J550

Price: $278

Specs: 2.1; includes subwoofer; Bluetooth; USB, HDMI, HDMI-CDC, and optical inputs; 37.1″

Reviews and Customer Feedback

The people's choice! Samsung's 500 series is one of the five top-rated soundbars in Google's system, and it's the highest-rated soundbar in the $300 price range. Best Buy customers love it, giving it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Amazon reviewers are fans as well. This product comes with a 7” wireless subwoofer.

4. Sonos PLAYBAR


Price: $699

Specs: add additional units for 5.1; subwoofer available at additional cost; Bluetooth and AirPlay; optical input; 35.4″

Reviews and Customer Feedback

The PLAYBAR has been crowned the best soundbar in town by The Wirecutter, who used reader polls and their own analysis to pick it. They praise the simple setup of the PLAYBAR, and they note that it offers a great balance of quality and price. Consumers seem to agree – this is the top-rated soundbar on Google. CNET liked the product too, though they noted that the “processed” sound quality is the drawback here.

5. Sony HT-CT770

Sony HT-CT770

Price: $448

Specs: 2.1; includes subwoofer; Bluetooth and NFC; optical, analog, and 3 HDMI inputs; 40.6″

Reviews and Customer Feedback

This soundbar was one of Digital Trends' top seven soundbar picks, and for good reason. They praised its aesthetics as well as its performance, while noting that it also offers a “laundry list of enticing features” that include 4K pass-through, three HDMI inputs, an ARC-enabled HDMI output, and more. This same product also made the cut on PC Magazine's 2015 list of top soundbars.

6. Vizio SB4051-C0

Vizio SB4051-C0

Price: $320

Specs: 5.1; includes subwoofer and two speakers; Bluetooth; HDMI and optical ports; 40″

Reviews and Customer Feedback

This is a less pricey soundbar that still backs a bunch. The Wirecutter calls this one the “best budget soundbar.” CNET agreed – they gave it their “very good” rating and included it on their Best Sound Bars of 2016 article. This one comes with a subwoofer and two other speakers.

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