DIRECTV NOW Update Includes Cloud DVR, More

DIRECTV NOW Update Includes Cloud DVR, More

DIRECTV NOW has is in the process of rolling out a new update out across all its supported platforms. It’s a big one: in addition to a redesigned user interface, DIRECTV NOW has made improvements to its cloud DVR, simultaneous streaming, and local channel support. The update is appearing on some platforms today and will roll out to other over the course of the coming weeks.

DIRECTV NOW’s cloud DVR feature allows users to save up to 20 hours of content for up to 30 days. The feature has been in beta for a while now, and – technically – it still is. But this update marks the first time that the cloud DVR feature is available on all platforms and devices.

DIRECTV NOW still has plans to roll out a premium DVR feature that will give more storage space to those willing to pay for it. For now, that part remains in store for the future.

Simultaneous streaming is expanded with the new update. DIRECTV NOW already offers subscribers two simultaneous streams. Now, subscribers can pay an additional $5 per month to unlock a third.

DIRECTV NOW has also notably tweaked the way it handles local streams. DIRECTV NOW subscribers will now be able to watch local channels near their current location, not just near their home. Subscribers on vacation, for instance, will be able to watch local news and weather reports related to their vacation destination while they’re there.

The new update brings some of DIRECTV NOW’s features up to the standards set by competitor skinny bundles, helping one of the most impressive skinny bundles keep pace with its fast-changing business space.

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Stephen Lovely
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3 Comments on "DIRECTV NOW Update Includes Cloud DVR, More"

  1. Rick Ricciardi | May 17, 2018 at 2:18 pm | Reply

    After waiting for months and just about to drop DTN I updated the app on my Apple TV and was pleasantly surprised. Everything works. The DVR is simple to use and works perfectly. No buffering issues. It was just like being on cable.

  2. A correction – the cloud DVR is not available on the Roku app at this time (May 24th). I’m patiently waiting for the feature to be implemented on my platform of choice.

  3. Jim Charanis | June 2, 2018 at 3:49 pm | Reply

    Been a Beta tester and have AppleTV and Roku. A few notes on this. There is a flaw in the way they are implementing “local” for DVR functions. I get that you can’t watch live home streams in markets outside your area (for example watching an Atlanta channel in Columbus, GA). But the way they have implemented this – you can’t watch a DVR recording outside your area, it checks location settings. Not just broadcast but even non-broadcast like AMC. So if you DVR a show, you can’t watch it on the road. This is the most valuable part of having it in the cloud – as a traveling salesman I would like to be able to watch recorded shows on the road.

    They have also not implemented pause and rewind on a live broadcast. I would assume you therefore need to record everything you start watching. There is a REC option when you pause but it doesn’t work. I hope they are thinking about these things. It’s just not usable right now. I tell you – if it weren’t for the deep discount I get being an ATT wireless customer I would likely try another service.

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