DIRECTV NOW Will Launch November 30

DIRECTV NOW Will Launch November 30

We now have an official release date for DIRECTV NOW: November 30. And parent company AT&T has also announced a bunch of new details about the service, including plans and pricing.

There will be four levels of service available through DIRECTV NOW. Like PlayStation Vue (and unlike Sling TV), the service will rely on tiers rather than add-ons. The cheapest plan, branded as “Live a Little,” offers more than 60 channels for $35 a month. That scales up to 120+ channels for $70 on the largest plan, “Gotta Have It.” An image of a brochure shows which channels we’re talking about here:

An image of a DIRECTV NOW brochure is making the rounds on the internet today following AT&T's official announcement

An image of a DIRECTV NOW brochure is making the rounds on the internet today following AT&T’s official announcement

The only add-on channels are premium ones: HBO and Cinemax. The brochure shows them at $5, which is the best price available right now for HBO. It’s worth remembering that HBO is owned by Time Warner, which will merge with DirecTV parent company AT&T if regulators approve the deal.

DIRECTV NOW subscribers will be able to stream on up to two devices at once. The service will launch with support from Fire TV devices, Apple TV, iOS, Android, and Chromecast. Roku is notably missing, but their company blog has promised a DIRECTV NOW channel by the end of Q1.

AT&T also announced that it would zero-rate DIRECTV NOW data on its mobile network – in other words, streaming on AT&T’s OTT service would not count against AT&T customer data limits. That’s no surprise, but it is a concern for net neutrality advocates.

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  1. Your article seems to imply that “net neutrality” is some kind of abstract construct, which affects only certain people. It isn’t. We’re talking about AT&T here (who is quite familiar with monopolistic strategies) attempting to use its position in the market to gain unfair advantage and squeeze out its competitors. Additionally, they are using the old ball & chain technique to try to lure people in with a low introductory rate. If you look closely at exactly what they are offering, it’s really easy to see that Sling TV is still the better deal. All AT&T has done is to manipulate the media into hyping a mediocre product offering which really in fact just perpetuates the current cable/satellite industry model of fat bundles. Sling TV is actually trying to break the mold; offering truly slim bundles and easy to understand up front pricing. AT&T is just trying to trick everyone into believing they are being innovative – they aren’t.

  2. I read the DirecTV Now ‘blurb’ and tried to see “all” the channels w/o having to create an account with them. No dice to that, of course. All I could conclude is that their “menus” are still the same happy “horsesheet” as traditional cable TV is, just scrambled-up a little different. Until I can pick my station one by one, I’m out. Don’t get me wrong, I will pay for something if I like it. I simply do not like TV the way it is, and the way it has always been. The internet showed me how it “can” be done. I will bide my time until then.

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