Disney Will Launch a Streaming Box Aimed at Kids [UPDATE: No, They Won’t]

Disney Will Launch a Streaming Box Aimed at Kids [UPDATE: No, They Won’t]

Update: In the excitement of CES, it seems the truth has been left behind. Despite reports from several usually reliable sources, it seems that Disney has not confirmed that it will be releasing a streaming box. The box generating all the hype is a prototype, developed by Snakebyte to get the ball rolling with Disney. But the deal to bring it to market is not in place, so there’s no guarantee this device will ever be available to consumers – and even if it does, reports indicate it’s unlikely to be coming to the U.S. market. Our original article is below.


It’s no surprise that yet another streaming box is headed for market in 2017, but you may be surprised to know which company is releasing it: Disney.

Mickey’s empire is, naturally, targeting a younger audience with their new streaming box. The Kids TV, as the device is called, will aim to become the streaming box of choice in kids’ rooms – a market that Disney believes is currently dominated by hand-me-downs and other devices ill-suited for the job.

The Kids TV will come pre-loaded with content and will come in three different themes – Disney Kids, Frozen, and The Avengers. The device will be 4K-capable. It will also feature gaming capabilities, though the optional gaming controller will be sold separately (third-party controllers will be able to connect via Bluetooth, too).

The device is expected to cost $99 (the gaming controller will run you $39). Disney isn’t making the device itself – instead, it’s licensing it from Snakebyte. Snakebyte is best known for accessories like the ones it recently unveiled for the upcoming Nintendo Switch gaming console.

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