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Fusion's blend of pop culture and news reporting is a great reason to want to spend your free time tuning in. But it's not a good reason to turn to cable or satellite companies for more of their bloated, overpriced cable bundles. That's because you don't actually need cable or satellite in order to get a Fusion live stream! Below, we'll show you how to watch Fusion without cable – live, legally, and on just about any device you could ever want to use.

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How to Watch Fusion Online Without Cable

Fusion isn't one of the channels that we can watch for free over the air using an OTA antenna. And it isn't one of those networks that has a direct-to-consumer subscription option, like HBO or Showtime. Unfortunately, the only way to get Fusion is to subscribe to a pay TV service. But here's the good news: not all pay TV services are like cable and satellite.

In particular, there's one type of live TV service that we'll be interested in here. We're talking “skinny bundles” – a type of live TV service that offers streaming video and low prices. Let's take a moment here to explain.

Skinny bundles are meant to look and feel like cable in a lot of ways, but there are some key differences, and within those differences we find the reasons that you should prefer skinny bundles to cable. The most important difference between skinny bundles and cable TV is that skinny bundles are a type of streaming service. When you watch a skinny bundle, you're streaming video in much the same way that you would stream Netflix. The fact that skinny bundles can stream over the internet means that there are no regional monopolies to worry about here, which helps keep prices down. And the online nature of skinny bundles is also why you are able to watch them on so many different devices.

Skinny bundles are also, in many cases, “skinny” – they take the bulky bundles you know from cable and satellite and trim them down to the essentials, so that you don't end up paying for a bunch of channels that you don't watch. Many skinny bundles also offer some larger bundles and/or “add-on” bundles, so don't worry: you can still watch less popular channels with these services.

Not every skinny bundle serves as an answer to our central question here — how to watch Fusion without cable — but at least one of them does. Here's what you should consider.

Stream Fusion with Sling TV

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Sling TV is a little different from the competition. Rather than offering a series of increasingly large base packages, Sling TV gets the base packages out of the way early by offering just two at very low prices. Once you've got your base package(s), though, it's time to customize your bundle. Sling TV offers a bunch of small add-on bundles called “Extras,” which you can only grab if you also sign up for one (or both) of the base bundles. Since you can choose any Extras you want — there's no hierarchy here — you can create a more customized skinny bundle that will keep you from spending too much on channels you don't need.

So just build a bundle with Fusion and enjoy your favorite channel while paying a fair low price every month! You can sign up via the link above.

Can I Watch Fusion on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast?

So now we know how to watch Fusion without cable. But let's address a more specific issue: how to watch Fusion without cable on specific devices.

Perhaps most importantly, we should talk about streaming platforms. These are the platforms that run on your streaming devices and smart TVs, and it's pretty important that the services above work on the major streaming platforms if we're going to watch Fusion online on our favorite TVs. Fortunately, coverage is great.

Sling TV works well on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Android TV. It also offers apps for iOS and Android mobile devices, plus an in-browser app for your desktop or laptop computer. Sling TV even works on Xbox One video game consoles.

In short, you'd be hard-pressed to find a major streaming platform that you can't use to watch Fusion without cable on one of the services above. So go ahead and use a free trial to take your first steps toward watching Fusion online instead of through cable.

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