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Mulan (2020) is one of Disney's most anticipated films in years. It's the newest live-action remake of an animated classic, and its high-flying action sequences promise to make one of the most thrilling. But Mulan's big Hollywood premiere has been derailed. Like so many other things, from sports leagues to school schedules, the Mulan premiere has been messed up by the COVID-19 pandemic. Disney had to come up with a solution, and they have: Mulan will debut exclusively on Disney+. You’ll have to be a subscriber to watch it.

However, this doesn't mean that Mulan is being added to Disney+'s library automatically. Disney is doing something a little unusual. You'll have to pay to see Mulan when it comes out. Only then will Mulan be added to your Disney+ library, through what Disney is calling “Premier Access.” Once you've paid the one-time fee of $29.99, Mulan will be just like all of the other movies in your Disney+ library: You'll be able to watch it as much as you want and whenever you'd like for as long as you have a Disney+ subscription (and if you don't have a subscription, you'll lose access).

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Mulan Release Date: When Does Mulan Come Out?

Mulan will premiere on Disney+ on September 4, 2020.

Do I Have to Have Disney+ to Watch Mulan?

If you're not a Disney+ subscriber, you're out of luck for Mulan's big premiere. Only Disney+ subscribers can get Premier Access to Mulan on the day that it comes out.

Is Mulan Free With Disney+?

No, Mulan is not free with Disney+. That's a little unusual!

If you've read our guide to Disney+, you know that it's a lot like Netflix: You pay a monthly fee, and you watch as much as you want from Disney+'s big menu of movies and TV shows. Simple, right? But now Disney is adding a wrinkle, because Mulan is different.

You have to be a Disney+ subscriber to watch Mulan. But Mulan isn't included in your subscription fee — it costs extra.

To get Mulan on Disney+, you'll have to pay a one-time fee of $30.

How to Pay for, Access, and Watch Mulan on Disney+

Finding Mulan on Disney+ won't be tough. Just open up your Disney+ app and look for Mulan's page. Mulan will be visible alongside the rest of the Disney+ content. It's a safe bet that Disney will be promoting Mulan within the app, too, so you can count on finding it fast!

On the page for Mulan within the Disney+ app, you should see an option to purchase access to the movie (it may say “Premier Access,” which is what Disney is calling this new premium movie-buying gimmick). Remember that you won't see an option like this before September 4, though — that's the Mulan release date!

Once you've paid, Mulan will be available to watch. You'll find it in the Disney+ app, right alongside the rest of the Disney+ library.

Do You Get to Keep Mulan Forever if You Buy It on Disney+?

If you're finding the Disney+ Mulan deal a little confusing, don't sweat it: It's a little weird! In streaming, we're used to seeing the same sorts of deals happen over and over again. Paying a subscription fee and getting unlimited streaming from a library makes sense to us. So does paying a one-time fee to rent or buy a movie, like we can do on iTunes or Vudu. But this Mulan release on Disney+ is a little bit of both!

Paying for Mulan will add it to your Disney+ library, and you'll be able to watch it whenever you want and as many times as you want. It's pretty similar to “buying” it — as long as you stay subscribed to Disney+. The thing is, though, that “buying” Mulan just adds it to the Disney+ library that you're subscribing to. If you cancel Disney+, you'll also lose access to Mulan — you can't take it with you.

If you're planning on sticking with Disney+ for a while, then that's no big deal. But you should keep it in mind if you're not planning to keep Disney+ or if you don't have a subscription to begin with. Getting Mulan on Disney+ will cost you $29.99 (plus the cost of a Disney+ subscription), and that's a lot to pay if you're not planning to keep access to the film.

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