Hulu Signs CBS to Upcoming Skinny Bundle Service

Hulu Signs CBS to Upcoming Skinny Bundle Service

Hulu just scored a major victory in their quest to create the next big skinny bundle service. They’ve inked a new deal with CBS Corporation to bring several networks to their planned OTT service – including CBS itself.

The deal also covers CBS Sports Network and POP. Live streaming will be available for all three networks, and significant on-demand content is included as well.

The major networks have become more and more important to skinny bundle services. When Sling TV first came around, major networks didn’t really have a presence in skinny bundles. Now, many offer live local feeds to subscribers of certain skinny bundles in certain markets.

Of the major networks, CBS has a reputation for being one of the tougher channels to land. That likely has to do with the fact that they’re also pushing their own OTT subscription service, CBS All Access.

Hulu isn’t the only streaming company that’s ready to enter the skinny bundle market. YouTube is working on a similar service called YouTube Unplugged. The new services will join an increasingly crowded market that already includes Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and DIRECTV NOW.

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  1. Whoever finally provides local market sports like MLB and hockey, etc., w/o blackouts will be the top dog. The sports niche has not been satisfied, and this niche is huge, and intensely loyal when they get their teams’ live telecasts. Enough with the other channels all the streaming providers advertise. That stuff is a dime a dozen and most men won’t watch it anyway.

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