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In our AT&T cord-cutting article, you learned how to cord-cut with AT&T. Now it’s time to learn about the company’s promotions. AT&T is famous for the numerous deals it provides throughout the year to attract new customers and inform existing customers about new services. Want to get in the loop? Below is a rundown of the best AT&T Internet deals for cord cutting.

AT&T Internet Deals for New Customers

Get a $200 Reward Card With New Fiber Service

If you purchase AT&T’s Fiber Internet 300 plan or higher, then AT&T will give you a $200 Reward Card to spend how you please. The plans' 300 Mbps or higher download speeds are more than you’ll ever need to stream all the content you like, whenever you like. This limited-time offer is available for new AT&T Fiber customers only and is subject to change.

Enjoy a Google Stadia Pro Pass for Six Months Free

When you purchase any level of AT&T fiber internet service, you’ll have the option to sign up for Stadia Pro — Google’s ultimate gaming streaming service — for six months free. We recommend pairing the service with the AT&T Internet 500 or Internet 1000 plans with speeds between 500 Mbps and 1 Gbps for the best results.

Get HBO Max Free With Your AT&T Internet 1000 Purchase

Cord-cutters who are serious about streaming will enjoy this deal. Purchase AT&T’s Internet 1000 fiber plan, and AT&T will include an HBO Max subscription free of charge. Not only will you have plenty of speed for your cord-cutting activities, but you can also add HBO Max to your streaming service library.


Cord-Cutters Tip: When you sign in to your myAT&T app, AT&T will say thanks for being a customer with unique benefits, including same-day delivery, premier support, AT&T exclusive products, VIP giveaways, and special promotions.

AT&T Internet Deals for Existing Customers

If you’re a cord-cutter who enjoys streaming on the go, you may want to pay special attention to these AT&T deals. They are available to new customers, but existing customers can take advantage of these deals as well.

Get $800 Off Eligible Smartphones

Bring your old smartphone to AT&T, and, as long as it’s worth at least $95, AT&T will give you an $800 credit to spend on a new smartphone to use with a new or existing wireless service. Is your current phone trade-in value less than $95? No problem. AT&T will give you up to $350 in bill credit for any trade-in value between $35 and $94.

AT&T Bundle Deals for Cord-Cutters

Free Add-Ons When You Bundle AT&T Internet With DIRECTV STREAM

If you’re a cord-cutter looking for a live TV streaming service, then you may want to give DIRECTV STREAM a try. AT&T will throw in HBO Max, Cinemax, Starz, SHOWTIME, and Epix free for three months when you bundle DIRECTV STREAM with AT&T Internet service.

Get One Month Free In-Car Wi-Fi When You Bundle With Wireless

If you’re serious about cord cutting, then you’ll be happy to know it’s now even easier to take streaming on the go. Purchase an unlimited in-car Wi-Fi plan on top of your existing AT&T wireless plan and get one month free (regularly priced at $20 per month). Plus, you’ll get a complimentary WarnerMedia Ride subscription, featuring select streaming content from Cartoon Network, CNN, HBO Max, TruTV, TBS, TNT, and many more channels.

AT&T Deals for Military and Essential Workers

If you’re active-duty military, a military veteran, first responder, teacher, nurse, or physician, then you may qualify for discounted pricing on mobile plans for as little as $27 per line up to four lines. Choose between AT&T Unlimited Starter, Unlimited Extra, and Unlimited Elite for prices ranging from $26.25 to $37.50. Here’s what you’ll get with each plan:

  • Unlimited talk, text, and data
  • 5G access
  • AT&T ActiveArmor security
  • Unlimited talk, text, and data in Mexico and Canada
  • Unlimited texting from the U.S. to more than 120 countries
  • Six free months of Google’s Stadia Pro service

AT&T Discounts for Low-Income Subscribers

Through Access from AT&T, individuals on a fixed-income may qualify for low-cost internet at $10 per month or less plus free installation. Through this plan, you can access download speeds of up to 25 Mbps. Families who participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or who receive Supplemental Security Income benefits in California qualify for this low-income deal.