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Best AT&T Deals for New Customers

Sign up for AT&T Fiber Internet 1000 Plan or Higher to Get a $150 AT&T Visa Reward Card

When you purchase an AT&T Fiber Internet 1000 plan or higher, you’ll be qualified to receive a $150 AT&T Visa Reward Card. As with all AT&T plans, autopay and paperless billing are required.

Get a $100 AT&T Visa Reward Card When You Purchase Internet 300 or Internet 500

If you purchase AT&T’s Fiber Internet 300 or Internet 500 plan, you’ll receive a $100 Visa Reward Card. The download speeds offered are more than enough to steam your favorite shows whenever you’d like. This limited-time offer is available only for new AT&T Fiber customers and is subject to change.

Check out AT&T promotions and deals to see which one fits your internet needs.


Cord-Cutters Tip: AT&T offers a prepaid option that allows customers to get AT&T 5G internet speeds through a 5G laptop or tablet. This option is great whether you’re just looking to connect online quickly or need an affordable long-term internet option.

AT&T Plans and Pricing

Internet plan Starting price Maximum download speed Data cap Connection type
AT&T Internet $55 per month 100 Mbps 1.5 TB IPBB
AT&T Fixed Wireless $55 per month 25 Mbps 350 GB Fixed wireless
Internet 300 $55 per month 300 Mbps Unlimited data Fiber
Internet 500 $65 per month 500 Mbps Unlimited data Fiber
Internet 1000 $80 per month 940 Mbps Unlimited data Fiber
Internet 2000 $110 per month 2 Gbps Unlimited data Fiber
Internet 5000 $180 per month 5 Gbps Unlimited data Fiber

AT&T Fees

Each AT&T internet plan comes with a few fees you may encounter as part of the package. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Installation fee: $99 (professional installation only)
  • Data overage fee: $10 per 50 GB (AT&T Internet or AT&T Fixed Wireless plans only)
  • Non-return equipment fee: $150, plus $65 for each Wi-Fi extender not returned

Fiber internet is already on the higher end of pricing, so be wary of additional charges you may find on your bill. Endless hours of playing video games could eat up your data faster than you think. If you frequently hit the data limit on a fixed wireless or IPBB plan, for example, you could choose to upgrade to unlimited data. You’ll have to pay an additional fee, but it won’t take you by surprise.

Be sure to return any equipment you leased if you decide to cancel your plan. The last thing you want is to scroll through your smartphone and find that you’ve been charged a hefty fee.

Other Ways to Save on AT&T

  • Military members and essential workers can get a discount on their internet service when they bundle it with select AT&T Unlimited Wireless plans. The discount applies when you sign up with a .mil email address.
  • Seniors and low-income subscribers may be able to get discounted rates through the Access From AT&T program, which provides broadband with download speeds of up to 100 Mbps.