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While Cox isn’t exactly the most well-known internet service provider (ISP) out there, it has carved out a place for itself in the world of cable and fiber internet providers in recent years. There’s quite a bit to love about what Cox provides, from its wide range of internet plans and bundles to its proprietary streaming devices. That’s why we took a deep dive into the products and services provided by Cox to give you everything you need to know.

A Quick Look at Cox Internet

  • Number of states served: 19
  • Number of subscribers: 23.3 million
  • Connection types: Cable and fiber
  • Maximum download speed: 2 Gbps
  • Maximum upload speed: 2 Gbps
  • Starting price: $49.99 per month

OUR TAKE: Cox’s internet services provide flexible installation options and several bundling options. Its wide cable internet availability makes it super accessible, while budget-friendly promotions make it affordable for most households.

Cox Internet Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
+ Multiple plan options

+ No annual contracts

+ Flexible installation options

+ Expansive cable internet availability

+ Multiple home service bundling options

Data caps on all plans

Limited fiber internet footprint

Cox Internet Availability

Living in Georgia, one of our biggest concerns was finding an internet service that was fast and reliable. Our city isn’t really a big one, but we still wanted good internet speeds for streaming and gaming. We were excited to learn that Cox internet was available in our area, both its cable and fiber services. This was great for our situation, especially since fiber internet is hard to come by due to limited coverage.

Cox Internet Plans, Speeds, and Features

When it comes to Cox Internet, there are a variety of plans to consider. Which one is right for you will depend on your budget and your home’s speed necessities.

Internet plan type Starting price* Maximum download speed Maximum upload speed Data cap
Go Fast $49.99 per month 100 Mbps 100 Mbps 1.25 TB
Go Faster $69.99 per month 250 Mbps 250 Mbps 1.25 TB
Go Even Faster $89.99 per month 500 Mbps 500 Mbps 1.25 TB
Go Super Fast $119.99 per month 1 Gbps 1 Gbps 1.25 TB
Go Beyond Fast $149.99 per month 2 Gbps 2 Gbps 1.25 TB

* Prices shown reflect the regular rate for the first 24 months.

We’re a household that uses the internet regularly but not too extensively. One of our housemates works remotely, while another likes to binge-watch his favorite shows on the weekends. Outside of those situations, we’re casual internet users, and we wanted a plan that could reflect that.

Cox’s varied internet plans helped us find a plan that suited our internet needs. Its Go Even Faster plan was a nice balance of speed and affordability, especially since we could split the cost across the whole household. We had to be mindful about our internet usage at first, though, since all of Cox’s internet plans have data caps, and we didn’t want to risk any overage fees. We also liked that our plan was contract-free, so we didn’t need to worry about early-termination fees (ETFs) if we wanted to cancel or switch our plan for any reason.

Cox Internet Contracts, Data Caps, and Equipment

Cox’s internet plans are contract-free. Rather than stick it out on a multi-year contract, users can cancel or switch plans without worrying about ETFs. This flexibility is also great for cord-cutters because it means they can pay for their internet services at the same time as their streaming services, rather than pay them separately. For extra reassurance, Cox’s plans have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so users can try out a plan and cancel before the trial period is over for a refund of basic installation fees and their first monthly payment.

Cox Data Caps

Cox Cable Cox Fiber
1.25 TB 1.25 TB

Both cable and fiber plans at Cox have data caps, but they’re pretty generous. A solid 1.25 TB of data per month allows us to stream and work on bandwidth-heavy tasks without having to cut down on our usage. Most of the streaming happens on the weekends, and with Netflix using roughly 7 GB of data per hour, it’s enough for us to watch a marathon every weekend while leaving a bit of room to catch up on some favorites throughout the week. The data cap also doesn’t get in the way when multiple devices are being used at the same time. Someone can have a video conference in one room while someone else can game online with their friends without interfering with each other’s connection.

Our Experience With Cox Internet: Customer Service

Thankfully, we didn’t need to contact Cox customer service to fix any issues or dispute any charges. That said, Cox does provide 24/7 customer service through phone and live chat. You can contact a customer service representative directly through your Cox account. Additionally, you can find answers to frequently asked questions in the “Quick Self Help Tools” section.

As with any internet service provider, you may have a long wait trying to get through to a Cox representative. However, most users report favorable interactions and positive resolutions to their internet-related issues.

One of our favorite features internet providers are now offering is a Twitter support account. Cox’s Twitter account (@CoxHelp) is quick to respond and resolve an issue. You’ll need to follow them, as they handle support requests via direct messages, but it’s faster than sitting on hold.

Cox Internet vs. Competitors

Cox is not as big as a provider like Xfinity, but Cox is a solid competitor. Although some of its plans are more expensive than Xfinity’s, Cox offers more fiber internet plans for affordable prices. When it comes to contracts, Cox also allows you to purchase its cable internet plans contract-free, whereas Xfinity has a two-year minimum contract for similar plans.

Overall Verdict on Cox Internet

Cox benefits from being one of the largest providers in the country. It has a network that can provide cable internet to millions of people and fiber-optic internet to some businesses. It also gives people the option to get high-speed internet without a contract. If you had to choose between Cox and many other providers, I’d recommend Cox easily, especially with the perks it offers. Whether it’s the right option for you depends on your location and your budget, but we think Cox is one of the best internet providers available.