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6 / 10  Review Rating

Frontier may not have traditional monthly deals for their internet plans, but their pricing makes all their plans — with speeds up to 500 Mbps — a steal. I have yet to find another provider with better deals on fiber internet plans. Unless you need 1,000 Mbps or gigabit internet, I think you’re going to like these offers. Plus, Frontier is one of the few providers you’ll see offering fiber internet plans in areas you’d least expect: For example, Frontier is the only fiber internet provider in my city and a few others nearby. My only other options are slower and more expensive (cable and satellite internet).


Frontier Internet Deals

Frontier Internet Deals for New Customers

Frontier offers new FiberOptic customers a 12-month promotional price that is as low as any other fiber internet price I’ve seen. You can also get a free Wi-Fi router if you choose the Gig Service plan (which also means you’ll save money by not paying a monthly equipment fee). If you only have Frontier’s DSL plans available near you, don’t worry. Frontier’s DSL plans also have a 12-month promotional price that’s less expensive than the most popular DSL provider available.

Frontier Internet Deals for Existing Customers

If you’ve been a Frontier internet customer for at least one year, you may be able to sign up for a new plan and get the new customer promotional pricing. You’ll have to speak to the retention department to get this “deal”. Otherwise, your next best option is to bundle services with Frontier to get a discount on your internet. But this only works if you’re already paying for cable TV or home phone.

Frontier Internet Only Plans & Pricing

Plan Connection Type Maximum Download Speed Introductory Price
Simply Preferred Internet 6M DSL Up to 6 Mbps $27.99 per month
Simply Preferred Internet 25M DSL Up to 25 Mbps $34.99 per month
Simply Preferred Internet 45M DSL Up to 45 Mbps $44.99 per month
FiberOptic 50/50M Fiber Up to 50 Mbps $49.99 per month
FiberOptic 500/500M Fiber Up to 500 Mbps $59.99 per month
Gig Service Fiber Up to 940 Mbps $79.99 per month

Frontier does a good job of catering to streamers even if you don’t have access to the FiberOptic plans. If I had to choose between Frontier and another DSL provider, I’d pick Frontier hands down. There aren’t many DSL providers besides Frontier that offer speeds fast enough for a small household to stream on multiple devices, nor are there many that can offer fast DSL internet at a better price.

Frontier's internet pricing is the best thing about it. Some providers charge high monthly rates for low-speed DSL plans but then offer low-priced, high-speed fiber internet plans — Verizon Fios discount deals are like this, for example. The problem with that is there are more DSL internet users than there are fiber internet users. Luckily for DSL internet users, Frontier is one of the only DSL providers with Netflix-ready speeds in rural areas. I was stuck with a cable internet provider until Frontier came to my city and I’m so glad they did: My only other option was a satellite internet provider.

Frontier offers both self-installation and technician installation options for new customers. Image via Mike Mozart/Flickr

Frontier Internet Speeds and Data Caps

One of my favorite things about Frontier’s internet is that there’s no data cap on any of their plans. Unfortunately, Frontier’s internet speeds are slower than what I’d expect with a fiber internet provider. Having a fiber internet connection is still better than cable or DSL, but Frontier’s fiber is more comparable to DSL internet in some areas. Customers get an average download speed of 69 Mbps, but your speed will be heavily affected by where you live. In some cities, such as the five listed below, Frontier provided even better speeds than they initially advertised.

City Advertised Speed User Speed Test
Sharon, TN Up to 24 Mbps 406 Mbps
Factoryville, PA Up to 24 Mbps 350 Mbps
Bethany, WV Up to 24 Mbps 292 Mbps
Iaeger, WV Up to 24 Mbps 279 Mbps
Indian Wells, CA Up to 30 Mbps 263 Mbps

Contracts and Fees

Frontier does offer contract-free plans, but you won’t receive any promotional pricing without a contract. Unfortunately, it was difficult for us to locate the regular pricing for their contract-free plans. Most providers charge $10-25 more a month for their contract-free plans, but I recommend calling Frontier to get the most accurate price since they vary by location.

If you agree to pay the promotional pricing and decide to cancel your service early, you’ll have to pay an early termination fee (ETF), which can cost up to $400 depending on your service.

Frontier internet plans have one-time setup fees: an installation fee of $75 and an equipment handling fee of $9.99. I’ve never heard of an “equipment handling fee” before, but Frontier’s setup fees in total are cheaper than providers like Verizon Fios. And if you decide to rent Frontier’s Wi-Fi router, you’ll pay an additional $10 each month.

Verdict: Is Frontier Internet a good option for internet-only service?

For speeds up to 500 Mbps, you won’t find an internet provider with better prices than Frontier — something that really impressed us when we were checking the service out for our review of Frontier Internet. Their plans may just be skin and bones — there are no freebies like a free cybersecurity system or a free streaming device — but I’d rather have a simple plan for a low price than pay for extra features I don’t really need.

Unfortunately, having prices so low makes it hard to offer better deals to existing customers. If you want a better deal with Frontier, you’ll have to consider bundling your TV or home phone.