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6 / 10  Review Rating

Once I started moving around a lot and got a Roku TV, I couldn’t resist cutting the cord. I didn’t watch that much TV before so I did not need to keep it. Plus, bundle plans typically have a contract, which is what I try to avoid. There’s a lot of contract-free internet-only plans, but Grande Communications internet makes theirs more eye-catching by offering extremely high speeds at low prices. Unfortunately, Grande Communications is only available in Texas.


Grande Communications Internet Deals

Internet Deals for New Customers

Grande Communications is currently running a promotion on their Gig internet plan for $69.99 per month. This price is set for two years, compared to other plans that only have a one-year introductory price. If you’re looking for a lower-priced plan, Grande Communications is offering up to 300 Mbps for $35.99 per month.

Internet Deals for Existing Customers

Grande Communications doesn’t advertise internet deals for existing customers, but there are still a few ways current and previous customers can get new customer deals. Grande Communications offers its new customer internet deals to previous customers who haven’t had service with Grande in the last 60 days. And if you’re a current Grande Communications internet customer, your best bet is to call customer service. Existing customers can often get new customer deals when their promotion or contract ends. Trust me; it’s worked for me every time.

Grande Communications Internet Only Plans and Pricing

Plan Connection Type Speed Price
Grande Power 1000 Fiber 940 Mbps $69.99
Grande Power 600 Cable 600 Mbps $49.99
Grande Power 300 Cable 300 Mbps $39.99
Grande 50 Cable 50 Mbps $29.99

Grande Communications has four internet plans, but you get the most value for your dollar with the Power 300 and Power 600 plans. It’s a big jump in speeds, but the price difference is small enough to make it worth testing. The prices for both plans are affordable (under $50) in my book, and they have more than enough speed — I could stream in 4K on both my TVs and download new games on both of my video game consoles without buffering issues.

Most areas where Grande Communications is available also have access to internet from AT&T and Spectrum. If the price is your first concern, I’d recommend Grande Communications instead of AT&T and Spectrum. Grande Communications’ pricing is better, especially since there’s a two-year price-lock on each plan. But if you want to get the most value for your money, like getting access to public Wi-Fi hotspots and streaming services, consider AT&T or Spectrum.

Grande Communications Internet Speed and data caps

Grande Communications internet offers a unique range of speeds, but that’s expected since they partner with RCN, another cable and fiber internet provider with selective availability. The good thing about Grande’s speeds though is that they start at 300 Mbps — they’re higher than what you’d normally see from a cable internet provider. You could choose any plan and have more than enough speed to frequently host a study group or AirBnB.

And what’s better is Grande Communications doesn’t have any data caps. I couldn’t imagine trying to pay attention to my data usage with how much I stream reruns of early 2000s TV shows.

Grande Communications Internet Contracts and Fees

One great attraction for Grande Communications is the absence of contracts. Most companies out there reel you in with an attractive low price, but they require you to sign a one-year contract to receive it. Grande may be a bit higher with their introductory price on their 1 Gig tier, but you never have to deal with the hassle of a contract.

As for additional fees, no matter where you sign up, you will have to deal with additional fees that are not mentioned when signing up. With Grande, there aren’t any early termination fees (ETFs), but there are monthly equipment fees and potentially installation fees. Honestly, Grande advertises free installation with each internet plan, so I had a hard time finding the real cost of their installation fee.

Your monthly equipment fee will cost between $4.99 and about $14 per month. The exact cost depends on which modem/router combo you get. The Standard WiFi & Modem cost $13.49 per month, but you can get Enhanced Whole Home WiFi powered by Eero for $9.95 per month. If you’re going to pay for a modem/router combo each month, you’re better off getting the Enhanced Whole Home WiFi option. If you choose the Gig internet plan, you can pay $4.99 per month for the Standard Wifi & Gig modem.

Verdict: Is Grande Communications internet good for cord cutters?

Internet plans for cord cutters should have high speeds, and we prefer them to be contract-free. Grande Communications offers speeds higher than I need and at a lower price than I’ve ever seen. The up to 300 Mbps plan is one of the lowest-priced internet deals I’ve seen. And when you add the monthly equipment fee, you still get a better deal than you would with Grande’s biggest competitors, AT&T and Spectrum.