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If you aren’t familiar with Suddenlink Communications, don’t beat yourself up: it’s one of the largest cable internet providers in the US, yet fewer than 10 million people have access to its low-priced internet deals. Though it may not be known everywhere, Suddenlink is familiar to folks who live in suburban Southern and Midwestern towns. As a new, budget-conscious customer, I gravitate to Suddenlink over deals from competitors like AT&T — I like giving the underdogs a shot. Plus, there’s no obligation or fees requiring you to stay if you decide Suddenlink isn’t for you.

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Suddenlink Internet Deals

Suddenlink Internet Deals for New Customers

Suddenlink offers new customers real internet deals, not just 12 or 24-month promotional pricing. Currently, signing up for the 150 or 980 Mbps plan gets you a guaranteed price for life, free installation, and a $50 Amazon gift card. You can also get free installation with the 400 Mbps plan. And Suddenlink offers access to two streaming services that cord cutters like me will love: Cheddar and CuriosityStream.

Cheddar is a news network that covers a wide range of topics and focuses on finance and business news in particular. CuriosityStream is home to documentaries and TV shows that are perfect for nonfiction lovers. If you’re a fan of the Discovery Channel, there’s a good chance you’ll like CuriousityStream (in fact, the two have the same founder).

Suddenlink Internet Deals for Existing Customers

Former Suddenlink customers may be eligible for “new customer” deals as long as their previous account was in good standing and they haven’t disconnected in the past 30 days. Speaking to the retention department is one way for existing customers to get deals from their internet provider.

Suddenlink Internet Only Plans & Pricing

Plan Maximum Download Speed Introductory Price Regular Rate
Internet 20 Up to 20 Mbps $20 per month $59.99 per month
Internet 50 Up to 50 Mbps $35 per month $89.99 per month
Internet 100 Up to 100 Mbps $35 per month for the first year $89.99 or $119.99 per month
Internet 150 Up to 100 Mbps $75 per month with Price for Life $139.99 per month
Internet 400 Unlimited Data Up to 400 Mbps $45 per month for two years $119.99 per month
Internet 1 Gig Unlimited Data Up to 1000 Mbps $55 per month for life $139.99 per month

Suddenlink’s range of plans is similar to what I normally see from cable internet providers. Each plan has fast enough speeds to support at least one heavy streaming, remote working, online gamer — the more speed you get, the more streamers and gamers you can support. But Suddenlink outshines most of its competitors, including Spectrum (see our review) and Cox (see deals), with its low starting prices. Unfortunately, the tradeoff for such low starting prices comes in the form of higher regular rates. After the first 12-24 months, the price for Suddenlink internet plans can increase by about $39-85 per month. That’s the highest jump in price I’ve seen; most providers only increase their rates by $10-20 per month.

It’s worth mentioning that all of the promotional pricing I’ve discussed requires autopay and paperless billing to be enabled. The autopay and paperless billing discount is $5, so if you aren’t able to have these features enabled, just add $5 to the pricing listed.

Contracts and Fees

Commitment-free packages are always a good choice, especially if you are able to get the promotional pricing along with them. It’s a huge plus for Suddenlink to have contract-free plans. You can try out a plan for as long as it meets your needs and cancel service without paying a fee. You will still need to pay an installation fee (if it’s not waived) and equipment fees when you sign up for Suddenlink internet.

Suddenlink’s standard professional installation is $99, which is about average for cable internet installation. If you want extra help connecting all your devices to your wireless network, you can choose Suddenlink’s premium installation which costs $149.

If you’re looking to keep your monthly internet costs to a minimum, you could avoid Suddenlink’s monthly equipment fee by getting your own modem and router. Suddenlink requires a Suddenlink-certified modem to work and states that it will only provide limited tech support for your router and modem if you purchase your own. On the other hand, you may lease the Altice Gateway with Smart Wi-Fi and get 24/7 tech support for $10 per month. If you are not very tech-savvy, leasing the gateway from Suddenlink is most likely the best choice.

Speed and Data Caps

The only things that top affordable, high-speed, and contract-free plans are plans without data caps. All Suddenlink high-speed internet plans are data cap-free. In the fine print for each plan, Suddenlink states that speeds might slow down during network congestion. That’s common for any internet provider, especially cable internet providers. Besides, the speed advertised for your plan is the maximum download speed, not the speed you’ll normally get.

Considering Suddenlink’s low prices, I’d recommend the Internet 400 Mbps Unlimited Data plan if you need super-fast speeds. I use the internet more than my dog would like, but up to 400 Mbps is more than enough speed for me to binge and work while my dog gives me the side-eye.

Verdict: Is Suddenlink internet good for cord cutters?

As a cord-cutter, I want an internet provider that offers high-speed internet, a strong Wi-Fi router, unlimited data, no obligations (contracts), and as many freebies as I can get. Suddenlink checks off all my boxes at a lower price than I thought possible. The only thing is, you have to sign up during a promotional period to get the best prices from them. The Internet 400 and Internet 1 Gig Unlimited Data plans have Suddenlink’s best promotional deals, but let the number of people and devices in your home dictate how much speed you should get. Either way, you’ll still get the best prices, smart Wi-Fi, and access to two streaming services.