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Without a speedy internet connection, there’s not much to watch. Though we’re big fans of free over-the-air TV, most of our favorite cord-cutting solutions are streaming services. That’s why we spend a lot of time talking about internet service providers, too: It’s important for us to help you get a great deal on an internet connection that will make your streaming dreams come true. We’re big fans of the internet deals we’ve seen from Verizon, but we’re hoping that things get even better during the biggest savings period of 2020: Black Friday weekend, including Cyber Monday! We’ll be on the lookout for deals on Verizon internet, including Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals on Verizon FiOS, the speedy fiber-optic network that is Verizon’s best internet option. Don’t worry about hunting down the deals yourself, because we’ll be tracking them all down and updating this page all weekend long with the latest and greatest Verizon Black Friday discounts.


Black Friday Deals on Verizon Internet

Black Friday isn’t just a big day for brick-and-mortar retailers like Best Buy and Walmart. It’s also a huge day online, and we wouldn’t be surprised at all to see internet service providers like Verizon coming out with big discount deals to mark the occasion. Nobody can predict when the Verizon Black Friday deals will drop or what they’ll be like, but you can count on one thing no matter what happens: We’ll be here tracking each and every deal as it’s announced. So don’t worry about hunting down bargains yourself — just bookmark this page and check back on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for big savings on Verizon. Don’t forget to refresh the page from time to time, because we’ll be adding new deals whenever they appear — which could mean last-second savings and surprise announcements on Black Friday itself.

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Cyber Monday Deals on Verizon Internet

High-tech products and services like Verizon internet are on sale on Black Friday, but let’s be honest: These sorts of discounts are really more at home on Cyber Monday. That’s because Cyber Monday is all about the information age, with internet-native deals that you can secure from the comfort of your couch. While the die-hards are busy lining up early on Thanksgiving night, you can just relax and pull out your phone or laptop on the following Monday to see what kind of Cyber Monday deals Verizon has cooked up. (Believe it or not, customers seem to prefer doing things the easy way — crazy, right?) And as with the Black Friday deals, you won’t have to hunt down these discounts yourself. Just check in here on our Verizon Cyber Monday deals page to see what we’ve found, and remember to refresh the page to make sure that you catch the fresh offers we’ll be adding in real time.

  • There are no Verizon Cyber Monday deals yet, but check back here for the latest


Black Friday Savings Strategies for Verizon Internet

We spend our time looking for deals so that you don’t have to. Our goal is to make things easier for you. You have lots of better things to do than constantly check for new sales on Verizon internet options, whereas we do not, because this is our job. Makes sense, right?

Hopefully, we’ll help you save some time and we’ll be able to connect you with a great deal on a speedy Verizon internet plan. With that said, though, we’ll need your help to do that. Only you can know what sort of things you’re looking for in an internet connection. Do you need a speedy plan? What kind of data caps are you willing to consider? And which ISPs operate in your area, anyway? Our advice is to use resources here on to figure out the answers to these questions before the Verizon Black Friday deals go live. That way, you’ll be armed with knowledge before you have to make any quick decisions on limited-time offers.

One thing we think you’ll want to remember is the difference between DSL and fiber optic networks. Both DSL and fiber optic connections will get you connected to the internet, but one is much faster than the other. If you can get it in your area at the right price, fiber internet is the way to go. It’s simply faster and better suited to handling streaming on multiple devices at once. We recommend it over DSL in pretty much all cases, and we’re particularly big fans of Verizon’s acclaimed fiber network, Verizon FiOS. We’re hoping to see deals on Verizon FiOS this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, because we really think Verizon FiOS is one of the best possible options for streamers.

So get ready! Gear up by reading our review of Verizon FiOS. If you have another option in your area, such as Spectrum, then we’d suggest reading a relevant comparison, like our Verizon FiOS vs. Spectrum page. The more you know, the better you’ll be able to take advantage of the deals we’ll be tracking this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Happy Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Verizon Fans!

If you’re itching for a new internet deal at a lower price, this could very well end up being a great Black Friday weekend for you. We’re really hoping to see some good deals on internet service this year, including Verizon FiOS Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. We’re hyped up and following deals closely on other things, too, from streaming services like Sling TV to other internet options like AT&T Internet. Follow along with us here on and on our social media pages — you’ll find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Don’t forget to check back in for the latest deals, because things can start moving pretty quickly on Black Friday and Cyber Monday! You can count on us to stay up-to-date even as things get fast paced.

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