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Get up to $300 in Plan Savings

This month, Viasat customers who sign up for select plans can receive up to $300 in savings on their monthly plan prices. Viasat spreads these savings across the first three months of your plan. All you have to do is choose your Viasat internet plan to qualify.

Viasat Internet Plans and Pricing

Internet plan Starting price* Maximum download speed Soft data cap Connection type
Choice 50 Mbps/300 GB $199.99 per month 50 Mbps 300 GB Satellite
Choice 50 Mbps/150 GB $149.99 per month 50 Mbps 150 GB Satellite
Choice 40 Mbps/100 GB $99.99 per month 40 Mbps 100 GB Satellite
Choice 30 Mbps/60 GB $69.99 per month 30 Mbps 60 GB Satellite
Choice 25 Mbps/40 GB $49.99 per month 25 Mbps 40 GB Satellite

*Prices reflect monthly rates for the first three months.

Viasat Internet Fees

  • Installation fee: $99
  • Equipment rental fee: $14.99 per month
  • Early termination fee: $5 per month

Like most providers, Viasat charges fees for installation, service, and equipment rental or non-returns. You may be able to avoid some fees by snagging a good deal and paying your bill on time, but you’ll be stuck with at least one fee no matter what.

One fee you should be aware of is the early termination fee (ETF). Internet providers use these fees to prevent you from breaking your contract early. Viasat charges an ETF depending on how many months are left on the contract.


Cord-cutter’s Tip: Keep track of the time you have left on a contract before deciding if you want to end it early. You may not be able to avoid an ETF entirely, but you could save some money by waiting it out.

Other Ways to Save on Viasat Internet

  • Seniors and low-income subscribers: For low-income households, Viasat partners with the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) to offer a $30-per-month discount ($75 for tribal lands residents) on Viasat internet services. Customers must submit an application and be eligible for approval.