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You’ve had Windstream services for months now, and it’s been one problem after another. You’ve finally decided to cancel your service, but each phone call puts you back at square one.

The good news is, we’ve figured out how to successfully cut ties with Windstream for you. With just a little effort on your part, you’ll be able to kiss your Windstream service goodbye once and for all.


Ending your Windstream Internet Service — Why?

Windstream Holdings, also known as Windstream Communications, is an internet service provider (ISP) that offers broadband, phone, and TV services to its customers. They provide services in over 21 states and have millions of customers.

However, not all of these are happy customers. Many customers have reported customer service issues, hidden fees, and technical difficulties.

One customer reported that while her service was out for two months, she was hit was two bills for $83, as well as a reconnect bill of $232, when it wasn’t her fault her service had been disconnected.

Another customer stated that she was paying over $100 a month for 25 mbps download speed and 1.5 mpbs upload speed while other customers were paying $45 for similar services.

If these accounts are hitting close to home, rest assured, we can help you break free from Windstream.

Steps to Cancel Your Windstream Service

Before you know it, Windstream will be a thing of the past! Just follow our four easy steps to cancel your service with Windstream.

Step 1: Connect to Windstream’s Retention Department

Before calling Windstream, make sure that you have any pertinent information to properly access the account in front of you. The last thing you want to do is draw out this part of the process. It’s also worth negotiating with Windstream to see if you can get a better deal – just make sure you have armed yourself with the latest Windstream deals and promotions information because forewarned is forearmed. Once you have all of the necessary information, give their customer service number a call.

Call the number: 1-800-347-1991.

Bypass all the electronic options and ask to speak to a representative. Once connected, ask to be directly connected to the retention department. Be very specific about which department you would like to speak to, as one wrong word could get you connected to a call center across the world.

Once you connect to another representative, confirm with them that you’re speaking with the retention center. If not, request that they transfer you to the correct department.

Once you’ve reached the retention center, this is where the call gets a bit precarious. What you say at this stage can determine how the rest of the call with go.

Retention agents normally don’t go down without a fight, so you’re going to have to take control of the conversation from the get-go.

Ask them about their day, and be friendly.

Remember, the friendlier you are, the better your chance to successfully cancel your service. Be polite, but don’t be afraid to put your foot down.

Step 2: Compose an Airtight Excuse

Although you may feel that you have several justified reasons for canceling your service, Windstream may not agree. Some customers that have complained about their service were transferred out of the retention department to a sales rep that tried to offer a discount and a visit from a technician.

If you’d like to avoid the same fate, see some examples of airtight excuses below:

  • I will be relocating out of the country
  • I’m moving to an area that is not covered by Windstream
  • I don’t know what my future address will be

The moving excuse has worked for customers successfully in the past. Be careful with using this excuse, because Windstream will offer to move your internet service to your new address if it’s still in their coverage zone.

If the representative asks where you are moving, be sure that the area you tell them is simply out of reach for them.

Even with all this, they might try to entice you with new offers. They may offer you a new agreement at a lower price which will trap you into a new contract. Be sure to stick to your reason for canceling, and make it clear that you’re not interested in any new offers.

Step 3: Make an Appointment to Return Equipment

If you provided your equipment when signing up for Windstream’s Internet service, skip to Step 4.

If not, keep reading.

For most Windstream customers, at the time of installation, they began renting out the Wireless Gateway combined router and modem. This costs anywhere from $9-12 a month. However, at the time of your cancellation, it’s important to return this equipment as soon as possible. Failure to return this equipment will make you subject to a charge of the equipment as well as any additional fees.

Be sure to document the date of return, and be prepared to show this if it’s ever called into question.

Step 4: Call to Reconfirm your Cancellation

This is the last, and one of the most important steps in canceling your Windstream service. After you’ve gotten off the phone with the retention department, call back to reconfirm that your services have been canceled.

When calling, be sure to ask if there are any outstanding fees on the account and if any equipment still needs to be returned. Then ask if your cancellation is going forwards as expected. This ensures that you won’t be hit with any surprise fees and that you can rectify any remaining issues on your account.

Once the agent has solved any issues, hang up and call back again.

Repeat this step until you’re sure your Windstream service has been canceled.

How to Avoid Paying Fees When Cancelling Windstream

Since Windstream typically does not have contracts set in place for their customers, it is not common to pay an early termination fee if you decide to cancel your service with them. However, there are other charges that you may be liable for when canceling your service.

  • Pre-Installation Charges: Windstream’s terms and conditions states that if a business customer terminates their agreement before installation, then a pre-installation fee will be required. This fee can be equivalent to the amount of 3 months of recurring charges that would have been paid if the service had continued. When canceling, be sure to avoid doing it during this period to avoid paying these fees.
  • Unreturned Equipment Fees: Once you cancel your service with Windstream, they expect the return on any equipment that was provided to you. This would include any digital receivers that were provided to you at the time of installation. Unlike other providers, Windstream will come to collect their equipment within 30 days. If access is not provided to retrieve their equipment during this time, the customer is expected to reimburse them for the full price of the equipment. To avoid this, confirm an immediate retrieval of any equipment that may remain. You may also be able to return it to your nearest Windstream office.

What if Windstream is the only ISP in your area?

Apply as a New Customer

Many customers have found this tactic to be effective in lowering their current plans. It’s no secret that ISPs love to appeal to new customers. It’s not uncommon to discover that new customers are paying half of what you pay for the same service.

A quick solution is this: cancel your service and apply as a new customer.

If you live with a roommate or significant other, try canceling the service that is listed in your name, and have them apply with the same company. Chances are they will jump at the chance to bring in a new client and will offer promotional pricing that you previously did not qualify for.

Be warned: if you are found out, Windstream may cancel your service entirely for violating their terms and conditions so tread carefully.

Request a Lower Price for Windstream Internet

Another option is to contact Windstream and simply ask them to lower your monthly payment. Try your hand with our tips to negotiate with Windstream for a cheaper price.

When it comes to requesting a lower price, keep two things in mind.

  • Be polite
  • Be persistent

The sales department for new customers will have new deals and promotions that existing customers may not be privy to. When you are connected to this department, you can start by asking if new promotions can be matched to your current account where applicable.

Don’t give up if the representative you call says no the first time around. If they can’t apply a discount to your account, they may be able to lower your monthly payment.

If you have a good history with Windstream, use that to your advantage. Remind them that you’ve always been a faithful customer, paid your bills on time, etc.

If it seems that you’re not getting anywhere, don’t be afraid to hang up and call again. You can also request to speak with a manager and see if they can offer you a better deal.

Bid Windstream Communications Farewell

Remember to follow these steps to say goodbye to Windstream for good.

To recap:

  • Step 1: Connect to Windstream’s Retention Department. Avoid being transferred to any customer service departments. Be friendly, but firm.
  • Step 2: Have an Airtight Excuse Prepared. Make sure you’ve prepared an excuse that can’t be argued, and stick to it. You’ll have greater success if you refuse to accept any new deals they offer you.
  • Step 3: Make an Appointment to Return Equipment. This only applies to customers who have rented equipment from Windstream. If so, be sure to return it promptly, and keep a record of the date of return.
  • Step 4: Call to Confirm Your Cancellation. After your cancellation has gone through, call Windstream back to confirm that your services have been completely canceled.

By following these easy steps, you can kiss Windstream service goodbye!