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Though they haven’t always been the most well-known internet provider, there are several Windstream deals that are worthy of your attention in 2021.

The company has been gaining steam in recent years, upgrading their DSL network offerings and even building out fiber-optic cables in parts of their service area.

For many of us out in the country, they’re our best bet for reliable internet. As an added bonus, the service comes with no data caps and when you call their helpline, you get a real person in the US on the other end.

This page includes the best Windstream deals we found after combing through hundreds of internet plan details across the US.

Top Windstream Deals

High-Speed Internet 25

Windstream's 25 Mbps DSL plan is their most common Internet option for home use. It's also one of the more reasonably priced, and can handle the average family's video streaming needs pretty easily. Windstream usually doesn't impose data caps on this plan, making it a good choice for Netflix binge-watchers or busy households with multiple users who anticipate using a lot of data throughout the month.

Windstream is currently reducing the price on this plan to $55/month for the first year and removing the installation fee. After the first year, the price jumps up to the regular $60/month fee. Note that this deal is only available for new Windstream customers.


  • 25 Mbps Downloads
  • Unlimited data use
  • Rural availability

Current Windstream Deals

Below we’ve also included a list of the other deals and promotions we’ve recorded Windstream offering.

High-Speed Internet 25 $27.00 25 Mbps DSL No No
Kinetic Internet 25 $27.00 25 Mbps FIBER No No
Kinetic Internet 100 $37.00 100 Mbps FIBER No No
Kinetic Internet 200 $42.00 200 Mbps FIBER No No
Kinetic GIG Internet $57.00 1,000 Mbps FIBER No No
Kinetic Internet 500 $47.00 500 Mbps FIBER No No

Plans last updated today. Plan details change frequently, always verify plan details with the Windstream directly before purchasing service.

When is a Windstream Internet Deal the Best Option?

As we wrote in our Windstream review. Windstream often appears to have lower speeds and higher prices than other DSL/fiber providers. But when you consider that their main competitor is satellite, you realize they actually have a pretty compelling offer.


  • Rural coverage area
  • Unlimited data
  • No-contract plans


  • Lower average speeds
  • Limited plan options

Overall, Windstream is the best deal for rural homes that need more than just basic email and website access. Their cheaper plans aren’t perfect, but they’re enough for streaming Netflix and scrolling through Facebook. They also offer much better bandwidth and latency than satellite plans, making them a great fit for families or homes with multiple users.

Are Windstream Bundles Worth Buying?

Unlike their Internet-only plans, Windstream’s bundle plans usually come with a 1 to 2-year contract. That said, they also offer better overall value for customers who need TV or phone service along with their Internet access.

For television service, Windstream bundles with DIRECTV and gives you a discount on their satellite service. The company’s channel lineup is pretty standard, with premium content like the NFL Network locked behind the more expensive tiers. That said, if you’re looking to get TV service anyways, the bundle package deals may be worth your while. If you’re really only interested in streaming options like a Netflix or Hulu subscription, though, you can safely skip over these.

Windstream’s Biggest Drawback: Upload and Download Speeds

As with most DSL providers, Windstream clocks in well below alternative wired broadband services like cable or fiber. In most areas, you’ll be lucky to have options over 25 Mbps. We consider this to be the minimum speed needed for activities like streaming HD content on Netflix.

Windstream claims to have spent upwards of $500 Million in network upgrades over the past few years, and in some areas they’re even starting to offer “Fiber to the Home” service — similar to Google Fiber or Verizon Fios.

How to Compare Windstream Deals

Here are a few pointers worth considering if you’ve landed on Windstream as your best Internet option:

Tip #1: Consider your modem options

Windstream isn’t as friendly to customers who want to use their own equipment as other providers, but it is possible. Using your own modem will save you the $9.99/month they charge to lease a Windstream-certified modem. However, it puts you on the hook for servicing and upgrade costs if for any reason your modem breaks. If you don’t really understand what a modem or router does, we recommend just coughing up the fee for the convenience of using their equipment.

Tip #2: Only buy TV if you watch daily

Windstream is friendly to cord cutters, and doesn’t place caps on your data use. So long as you aren’t trying to stream five shows at once, you should have no problem using Netflix, Hulu (read review), and other streaming services on Windstream. These services don’t generally offer the same live programming and sports/premium content as traditional TV or DISH TV. However, they’re more than enough entertainment for the average consumer — especially if they prefer “Stranger Things” to “NFL RedZone.”

Where Windstream Shines: Availability

Windstream Coverage & Availability Map

Windstream gets a bad rap sometimes, but there’s a reason for that: serving rural areas is a huge challenge. They aren’t raking in cash the way bigger Internet Providers do in metro areas, since their customers are spread out over a much larger area.

With the cost of running fiber to individual homes running in rural areas in the $3000–5000 range, it’s no surprise that the network lags behind urban options. In general, rural homeowners who only have fixed wireless or satellite to choose from would kill for a wired DSL connection.

Windstream Self-Installation Guide

Windstream offers professional installation for around $35. This is actually a pretty good deal compared to your average cable company, but they also allow for self-installation for those who prefer to take care of things themselves (and save a few bucks in the process). Thankfully, setting up DSL service is a fairly straightforward process, and is more than doable for the average user.

When you opt for self-install through Windstream, the company will ship you a modem free of charge. They’ll also provide detailed instructions on how to set it up, and if you get stuck, they even offer phone support. The entire process should only take you about an hour from start to finish. When you get your package, it should include the following items:

Windstream Self-Install Components

  • 1x Windstream Wireless Modem
  • 1x Black Power Adaptor
  • 1x Gray Phone Cable
  • 1x Yellow Ethernet Cable
  • 2x DSL Phone Filters

Setting up your new Windstream internet service is easier than you might think. Image source: Misha Feshchak/Unsplash.

A detailed walkthrough video is available on the company’s website, but for those in a hurry, here’s the basic setup process:

Step One: Connect the modem's basic components

Start by plugging the gray phone cable into the “ADSL” port on the modem (it will also be gray). Plug the other end into the side of the phone filter marked, you guessed it, ADSL. Plug the filter itself into the phone socket on your wall. Finally, plug the power adaptor into the modem, and into a nearby outlet.

Step Two: Connecting a computer to the internet

After completing step one, the “DSL” and “Internet” lights on the front of your modem should begin glowing solid green momentarily. If they don’t your service may not be activated yet and you’ll need to reach out to Windstream directly at 1-888-292-3827. (It may take up to 5 minutes or so, so be patient.)

Plug the yellow ethernet cable into the port on your modem labeled “ETH1”. Connect the other end to your computer’s ethernet port. If you have a newer laptop, you may not have an ethernet port at all. In this case, you’ll need to purchase an ethernet adaptor online. Once you’re connected, open up your preferred internet browser and you’ll be automatically redirected to the internet setup page.

Step Three: Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your connection

This part of the process should be pretty straightforward, but if you get stuck at any point, don’t hesitate to give support a call. It’s important to note that even though you’re technically connected to the internet when you see this screen, you won’t be able to access any web pages until the initial setup is complete.

Conclusion: Windstream Is The Best Bet For Rural Internet Access

Long story short, if you live in the country and you’re downstream from Windstream, it’s almost certainly your best option.

It doesn’t hold a candle to the futuristic high-speed options you’ll get in urban or even suburban areas, but it’s a huge step up from satellite. If you’re coming from a satellite connection, you’ll be thrilled with the low latency and unlimited data.

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