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So, you want to cut ties with Xfinity (formerly Comcast Xfinity) internet service.

Whether you are unsatisfied with price, performance, or customer service, the time has finally come to cut the cord.

Xfinity doesn’t want to lose your business — and trust us — they are going to do absolutely everything in their power to keep you with them. If they fail to do so, prepare to receive cancellation fees.

Let’s take a look at what you can do to cancel internet service with Xfinity in the simplest and most cost-effective way.

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Why Cancel Xfinity?

Xfinity, formerly known as Comcast Cable, has been a leading internet service provider (ISP) when it comes to performance and speed for many years. It fared well in our Xfinity review, too.

However, as with any company, it definitely has its drawbacks.

Here are two reasons why you may consider canceling your Xfinity Internet:

  • High Pricing and Hidden Fees: Xfinity covers more area and offers higher internet speeds than any other ISP, by a long-shot. They service nearly every state in the US at speeds up to 2gbps. However, that kind of performance doesn’t come cheap. If you do a quick Google search, you will find that many customers have very strong opinions (and language to match) towards their expensive internet bills, which is why it pays to always have the latest data on Xfinity deals and promotions on hand. When comparing Xfinity to other ISPs, their “entry-level” prices for lower speeds are equal, if not more expensive than what you would pay for higher speeds of another provider. One customer reported paying $39.99 for just 25 Mbps, not including rental fees for equipment. To put it in perspective Fios by Verizon advertises 100 Mbps speeds for the same price. In addition to your high monthly rates, Xfinity may also slap some additional fees onto your bill. One of which is a rental fee for the Gateway router/modem that Xfinity will try to sell you. This device will set you back $11 a month, adding up to $132 each year. In many cases, it saves you money, in the long run, to invest in purchasing your own router for Xfinity. Another fee that Xfinity will tack onto your monthly bill is a “Universal Connectivity Charge.” Basically, this is a contribution to a federal fund that helps provide affordable communication to rural and low-income customers.
  • Connection issues: Connection problems and service outages are recurring issues among Xfinity customers. Many report complete loss of signal at random times throughout the day. Often these outages are caused by hardware issues (another reason to get your own router and modem), but can also be caused by routine maintenance and even severe weather.

Practical Steps to Cancel Xfinity Internet Service

Almost all ISPs utilize an automated voice system to gather account information as well as reasons for your call. Xfinity is no different. Before you are able to speak to an actual human representative, you will be asked to provide these details via your phone.

After you successfully navigate through the robot menu and get through to an actual human. You can expect to be asked even more questions about your situation. This is where things can start difficult. Here are some steps to help the cancelation process along.

Step 1: Reach a Retention Representative

After you’ve gotten past all the automated voice menus and received the initial greeting from a customer service rep, inform them right away that you intend to cancel your Xfinity services. At this point, they should direct you to the retention department.

The retention department is Xfinity’s last hope of keeping you on-board with them. They will put up a hard fight. The retention specialists have been trained to negotiate and are very effective in making so-called “exclusive” offers and prices sound very appealing.

Be very careful to pick up the phone with a determined mindset; otherwise, you may find yourself being tempted into a less-than-stellar deal.

This is the number for cancellations: 1 (800) 934-6489

Tip: You can avoid being put on hold for an available retention representative by scheduling a call on the Xfinity website. You can also print and fill out a physical cancellation form. When they receive the form by mail, you will receive a call allowing you to review cancellation details with an Xfinity rep.

Step 2: Be Ready to Give a Solid Excuse

A good excuse can make or break a cancellation call. One of the first questions the retention specialist will ask you is: “What is your reason for wanting to cancel with Xfinity?” If you give them a weak excuse, they will take advantage of it and work their way around it.

For example, if you respond to their question by simply saying: “I’m moving,” they will immediately ask “where to,” and begin to check if they provide service in that area and continue their retention pitch to keep you on-board.
To avoid this, you should have a solid excuse that will be difficult for them to work around.

Here is a list of reliable excuses that can help you speed up your cancellation experience and make it go a lot smoother:

  • I am moving in with my parents/friend/significant other, and they already have another ISP.
  • I just started working for a new company, and they are paying for all of my services.
  • I just had a new [other ISP] modem installed at my house; I need to cancel with Xfinity.
  • I’m moving to [foreign country] for work.

These are just a few examples. The goal is to make it very clear that there is no use in trying to reason and get you to stay on with them. Excuses such as these are effective in shortening your conversation by reducing the number of needless questions and offers from the retention specialist.

Step 3: Be Firm and Assertive with Xfinity

It’s important not to forget that the person you are talking to on the phone is an actual living, breathing human being with feelings. They are not evil thieves trying to steal your money; they are just doing their job. If you are finding it hard to cancel, this means that they are doing their job well.

You’re going to want to be friendly, but at the same time, you need to be firm. You could have what you think is the perfect, fool-proof excuse, only to find that the retention rep still insists that you keep their services.

They will more than likely offer you discounts and incentives in an attempt to sway your decision their way. Yes, they are being pushy, but they may be under obligation by Xfinity policies to do so.

In this case, be very clear, and in a kind manner, tell them that you are unable to stay with them and that you need to cancel your Xfinity internet service.

Step 4: Confirm the Xfinity Cancellation

This is very important! The last thing you want is to spend nearly an hour on the phone, only to find out that your Xfinity account is still active, and have to start the whole process over again.

When you are wrapping up your call, be sure to ask the retention specialist to verify that your Xfinity internet service will be completely canceled. This is also a good time to ask them about any equipment that may need to be disconnected and returned.

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Avoiding Unnecessary Fees

This is where the cancellation process can get a little frustrating. If you are canceling your Xfinity service because of the high rates, you definitely are not going to want to fork over more of your hard-earned cash to pay for additional termination and equipment fees.

Here are a few tips and tricks that can keep your money out of Xfinity’s hands and in your wallet.

Is it worth canceling? Weigh up Early Termination Fees

When you signed on with Xfinity, they no doubt made you sign a service agreement. Within this agreement, it states that if you wish to terminate your services outside of the agreed-upon dates, you will be charged an early termination fee (ETF). Fortunately for you, Xfinity doesn’t have a flat rate for ETFs.

To calculate the amount they charge you, they will usually take the number of months left in your contract and multiply them by $10. So, if you want to cancel six months early, this would be a $60 fee.

However, if you want to cancel your Xfinity service early into your service agreement, you could potentially be charged hundreds of dollars.

Do the math to determine if you can save money by canceling early, otherwise, you may want to stick it out through the remainder of your contract.

Return Xfinity Equipment ASAP

Xfinity is notorious for unreturned equipment fees. You would expect that these fees would be easy to avoid, simply send the equipment back so you won’t be charged. However, sometimes this isn’t the case.

Numerous customers report that even after they returned the Xfinity equipment, (and received confirmation that it was received) they still received multiple calls a day from “equipment recovery services” requesting that the Xfinity property be returned at once. Others have even had credit agencies contact them inquiring about “the unreturned equipment.”

There are a few steps you can take to avoid this infuriating situation.

  • Initiate Your Return Online
    Xfinity gives you the option to submit an equipment return form online. This is a good place to start because they will have to put it on record that you have initiated the return, making it hard to claim that the equipment is missing. Make sure to do this right away.
  • Avoid Returning Through UPS (If Possible)
    Xfinity tries to make the return process more convenient for you by allowing returns to be made by simply dropping off the equipment at a UPS store close to you. However, This just creates one more opportunity for the equipment to get “lost.”If possible, it is best to eliminate the middle man by returning the equipment directly to an Xfinity retail store. Make sure they provide you with a receipt for your return.

After you’ve completed the return, it is best to call them to verify that it has registered in their system.

What if Xfinity is the Only ISP Option in my Area?

With the huge area that Xfinity covers there is a pretty big chance that they are the only ISP in your area. If this is the case, it can be quite difficult to completely cut ties with them. Even so, there are steps you can take to save some money.

  • Consider “Cutting the Cord” with Cable: If you currently have an Xfinity Triple Play entertainment bundle that includes cable tv, you might consider switching to a simpler plan. With so many streaming services like Netflix, YouTube TV, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, it’s easy to save a lot of money by switching to one of these cable alternatives.
  • Negotiate: Normally, if you were trying to negotiate a lower rate with Xfinity, you could threaten to leave Xfinity for a more affordable ISP if they don’t lower your rates. However, since they are the only internet option in your area, this complicates things a bit. Your best bet is to firmly express your frustration with the amount you are paying each month.
    Insist that you have been a loyal customer and you deserve a lower rate. They will almost always come down. It may take a lot of complaining and negotiating, but with some patience and perseverance, you’ll be able to work out an acceptable rate.
  • Cancel and Restart Service Under Another Person’s Name: If all else fails, there is one more method that many Xfinity customers have used to obtain a lower monthly rate. Cancel your service, and open a new account under a friend, spouse, or parent’s name. This will give you access to new customer pricing, but be warned, it can violate Xfinity’s terms and conditions so tread carefully.

Successfully Ending Your Relationship with Xfinity

Canceling your internet service can be an irritating experience. Whether you want to completely eliminate all of your Xfinity services or just negotiate a lower monthly rate, following these tips and tricks should make the whole process a little easier for you.