Jeremy Clarkson and His Top Gear Co-Hosts Are Reuniting – On Netflix!

Jeremy Clarkson and His Top Gear Co-Hosts Are Reuniting – On Netflix!

The controversial but popular former host of BBC’s Top Gear has confirmed that he’s returning to television – but reports indicate that you won’t find him on cable. Clarkson confirmed the new show in the Sunday Times, though he has not officially announced where it will air.

Though Clarkson and co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May were courted by British broadcaster ITV, reports say that it’s Netflix that has sealed the deal.

Top Gear

It will be like this – but with different titles and logos

Clarkson’s departure from Top Gear was precipitated by a controversial incident in which he allegedly abused the show’s producer. Clarkson punched producer Oisin Tymon in a dispute over post-filming food options. The BBC suspended Clarkson after the incident, though Clarkson has continued to enjoy a lot of support from fans.

Clarkson made critical and vulgar comments about the BBC during his suspension, and the network announced that they would not renew his contract. Hammond and May did not renew their own contracts because they did not wish to do the program without Clarkson. Since then, rumors have swirled about the cast reuniting for a new show – and now those rumors have come true.

If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you can get ready for the new adventures of Clarkson, Hammond, and May by brushing up on Top Gear, which is already available through the streaming service.

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