Mohu Debuts New Wireless Antenna at CES

Mohu Debuts New Wireless Antenna at CES

Mohu has revealed its latest product at CES: a wireless antenna called the AirWave. Mohu’s pricey new device doesn’t need to be anywhere near your television, because it uses Wi-Fi to forward the over-the-air signal that it picks up.

Mohu’s new wireless antenna should be available to consumers in late spring, according to Engadget. It won’t be cheap: at $150, it’s easily three times the price of a traditional antenna. But there are key advantages to the new device.

Since you don’t need to hook it directly into your television, you can put it far away – on a higher floor, for instance, where reception is clearer. The only cord on this device is its power cord.

The antenna’s ability to send broadcasts over Wi-Fi means that consumers have a new way to integrate over-the-air content with their over-the-top (OTT) content. The antenna will have have corresponding apps on platforms like the Fire TV and Roku, so your OTA content will be able to live on the same device as Netflix, Hulu, and the rest of the gang.

OTA-OTT integration is already something of a theme at CES. Sling TV and its parent company, Dish, have already unveiled a new streaming box that integrates OTA broadcasts with Sling TV.

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