Netflix Acquires Comic Book Company Millarworld

Netflix Acquires Comic Book Company Millarworld

Netflix famously offered itself up to the now-defunct Blockbuster for $50 million back in 2000. Now worth more than $60 billion, Netflix is the one looking at acquisitions – and yesterday, they announced the first one in their history. Netflix has acquired a company called Millarworld.

Millarworld isn’t a streaming company. In fact, it isn’t even a tech company. It’s a comic book company founded by Mark Millar, known for comics like Old Man Logan (the primary inspiration for the 2017 film Logan), and Kick-Ass (which got its movie version back in 2010). The latter of those is owned by Millarworld, which Millar founded back in 2004.

Millarworld still relied on companies like Marvel and Dark Horse to publish properties like Wanted, the aforementioned Kick-Ass, and Kingsman. But the creator-owned company allowed Millar to retain more rights to his creations, which was good news when his comic book hits found their way to Hollywood: Wanted (2008), Kick-Ass (2010), and Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) are all based on his work.

Millar’s business sense has paid off. Those movies have grossed nearly $1 billion combined, and now Millar will presumably do well in this Netflix deal (the terms are undisclosed). Netflix will gain plenty in terms of intellectual property, but it’s still a bit eyebrow-raising to see Netflix acquiring a company that doesn’t work primarily in film, television, or tech. Netflix’s announcement puts the focus on intellectual property, but it’s possible that this is the first step toward a much larger and much more diverse Netflix.

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