Netflix Employee Defends Price Hike: “The Previous Price Was a Huge Steal”

Netflix Employee Defends Price Hike: “The Previous Price Was a Huge Steal”

Netflix has had a rough quarter, thanks in part to its decision to hike its price for a chunk of customers who were previously grandfathered into an older, lower rate and in part to the media attention that followed. But while customers may not be thrilled with the new price, at least one Netflix employee thinks the change was long overdue.

In a Reddit AMA (short for “Ask Me Anything,” a type of post in which users respond to other users’ questions), Reddit user /u/netflixandreal fielded a number of questions about Netflix from an insider perspective. /u/netflixandreal, who identified himself as an employee of the streaming giant, provided proof in the form of a photo of his work computer screen.

Responding to a question about Netflix’s rising rates, /u/netflixandreal wrote this:

As for the price increase, the previous price was a huge steal, and we haven’t been very profitable so we need to reign that in.

There are a few tidbits in this sentence alone that might raise the blood pressure of Netflix higher-ups – like the reference to a price as “a huge steal” and the claim that Netflix hasn’t been very profitable. Elsewhere, /u/netflixandreal spoke about income inequality within the company and commiserated with other Redditors on user experience problems.

/u/netflixandreal’s answers have all since been deleted, but nothing on the internet ever really dies. You can read through the AMA in Google’s cache.

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  1. A company with a market cap of $40 billion just said the cost of their core product wasn’t profitable. I’m dropping my 6 year old account based on that right away. I can find any Netflix only shows elsewhere.

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