4K Ultra HD is the wave of the future – and, unfortunately, broadband services in most countries have a ways to go before they're ready to carry it. But around the world, Internet connections are catching up.

That's according to Akamai's latest “State of the Internet” report. The Q3 2015 edition of the report lays out some very interesting facts about the current state of broadband Internet around the globe. And tucked in the report is the latest news on 4K readiness: right now, 15% of the world's broadband is 4K ready.

“15% of unique IP addresses globally connected to Akamai at average connection speeds of 15 Mbps or above in the third quarter,” Akamai explains. Akamai defines “4K ready” as 15 Mbps and up.

That 15% figure may not seem like much, but 4K readiness is a growing trend. According to Akamai, it's up 5.3% since Q2. Individual countries have seen their 4K-readiness dip, but on a global scale, high-speed internet percentages are going up, up, up.

The report also lists the most 4K-ready countries in order. South Korea tops the list, with 45% of their connections being 4K ready. Sweden finished second with 38%. Norway, Switzerland, and Hong Kong rounded out the top five. The United States did not make the top ten


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