Apple TV

As expected, Apple announced a new Apple TV at its Tuesday night event. And, as expected, the new unit will be 4K-capable. The Apple TV 4K will launch on September 22nd.

The new device is a significant step up from the current Apple TV (the fourth-generation device, which dates to 2015). The Apple TV 4K will have 3 GB of RAM (up from the fourth generation's 2) and a three-core processor that is quite a bit more powerful than the one in the old model. In addition to 4K, the device supports HDR.

There are two versions of the new model, different only in terms of storage space: a 32 GB model will cost $179.99, and a 64 GB model will run you $199.99. You can place your orders this September 15th, though the unit won't be released until the 22nd.

Prior to today's announcement, Apple hadn't been making quite the splash in the streaming box wars that they're used to making in other spaces. The fourth-generation Apple TV lags behind Amazon's Fire TV, Google's Chromecast, and the dominant Roku line in terms of market share. And Apple's fourth-place status has been about what the company has deserved: The fourth-generation device was the first major update in five years at the time of its release. Between the announcement of the fourth generation and now, Apple events had been silent on the future of Apple TV, and some speculated that the TV app was Apple's new, device-free approach to this market – a sort of conditional surrender.

But forget all of that – now, at last, the Apple TV seems to be getting its due. The new Apple TV looks powerful and exciting. It's a worthy entry into the market, and Apple no doubt hopes that it will help them edge out Amazon and Chromecast in market share. That may be a tall order, but we'll just have to wait and see.