Amazon has announced a new Fire TV device called the Fire TV Cube. It has six sides and a whole lot of cool features.

The new device combines functionality from the Fire TV family of streaming devices with the abilities found in the Amazon Echo Dot, the smallest of the audio devices that Amazon houses its AI assistant, Alexa, inside.

The Fire TV Cube will do the stuff you'd expect from a Fire TV: you'll be able to use it to stream Netflix, play games, and all of that jazz. It comes with a remote and it has an HDMI port.

But it will also do Echo Dot-type stuff: you can wake it up by talking to it, and it will answer you with a build-in speaker just like an Echo device would.

On top of that, the device will have an infrared blaster built into it, which will enable it to act as a remote control for devices like your TV and even your cable box.

The Fire TV Cube is available for pre-order now and will be formally released on June 21.