Comcast's unpopular data cap program is about to get bigger. The cable/ISP giant is expanding their data cap program to cover the Chicago area. The expansion increases the chunk of Comcast customers affected from 14% to 23%, meaning that nearly one in four Comcast customers will have to watch their data consumption.

Chicago joins Atlanta, Miami, Memphis, and Nashville as one of the unlucky cities to be hit by the cap. But there is some good news: Chicago residents won't have to deal with the particularly stringent 300 gigabyte per month cap that Comcast rolled out earlier. The data cap has since been raised to a terabyte per month.

The 1 TB/month plan will certainly affect fewer households than the old 300 GB/month plan did. A terabyte works out to roughly 700 hours of streaming HD video, and Comcast says that less than 1% of all customers currently go over that data threshold each month.

Still, consumer advocates and net neutrality activists remain leery about the data cap program. If Comcast sets the precedent with any type of data cap, some argue, then the company could lower that data cap at will to throttle over-the-top services like Netflix, which compete with Comcast's cable business.