It looks like Netflix isn't the only company having a rough second quarter this year. The past few months have been even more unkind to Dish, the satellite TV company and owner of Sling TV.

According to the company's own figures, Dish has lost a stunning 281,000 subscribers in the second quarter of this year. That's a net figure that includes new subscribers gained, so the raw number of cancellations would be even higher.

Dish includes its Sling TV subscribers in this total subscriber count, though the bulk of the figure is still made up of satellite customers.

How bad is this? To put it in perspective, Dish's 2015 Q2 figures showed them losing 81,000 net pay TV subscribers. At a 281,000 net loss, the same period this year has been more than three times worse.

Dish has been losing customers steadily for a long time now, though they're trying to stay on top of the cord cutting trend with their OTT service, Sling TV. Dish still has some subscribers to spare: they boast a total of 13.593 million pay TV subs, even after the rough quarter. Their earnings in Q2 of this year are virtually identical to figures from last year, but the lack of growth and shrinking subscriber base are concerning for the pay TV giant.


h/t MultiChannel