Social media giant Facebook is in talks to stream one Major League Baseball game each week, according to Reuters. It's the latest sign that the world's most important social media companies see a future in streaming video.

Facebook is pursuing sports content “aggressively,” sports media consultant Lee Burke told Reuters. Facebook already has a deal in place to stream English-language broadcasts of Liga MX (Mexican league) soccer for Univision. A deal with MLB would make an even bigger splash.

Facebook isn't the only social media company pursuing sports streaming rights. Twitter has already made some significant progress in this area. Twitter live streamed NFL Thursday Night Football games last season. Twitter has also streamed other sporting events, including a boxing match just this past weekend. Twitter has even streamed MLB games in the past.

Facebook has done pretty well with sports itself, streaming soccer, table tennis, and (non-NBA) basketball. Twitter's NFL deal still puts Facebook a bit behind, especially in the United States, but a deal with MLB would help close that gap.

And, of course, MLB itself is no stranger to streaming. MLB.TV was one of the first streaming services ever, and remains the most impressive sports streaming service.

The MLB season begins on April 2nd. For tips on watching MLB baseball as a cord cutter, check out our complete guide.