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We knew all along that the FCC would dramatically roll back Obama-era net neutrality provisions in the vote held today in Washington, D.C. We even know what the final vote tally would be: 3-2, a party-line decision from a five-person board that must, by law, include two members of the minority party.

But today's vote reached its inevitable outcome in wild fashion. Protesters rallied outside and internet users watched via the FCC's live stream as Democrats on the board furiously denounced Pai's decision and security issues temporary halted the process.

The FCC's meeting began at 10:30 a.m. Pro-neutrality commissioners Mignon Clyburn and Jessica Rosenworcel spoke against the proposal while tens of thousands of internet users watched via a live stream on the FCC's website. Outside, protesters piled flowers up in apparent mourning. The meeting had already run past its planned two-hour length when, shortly before the vote, security guards evacuated the building due to an unidentified threat. The meeting later resumed, and the vote went through.

The vote ends net neutrality as we know it and opens doors to a range of new tactics internet service providers can use to get more out of internet users and web-based businesses. Which tactics will be used and what a non-neutral net will actually look like remains unknown. We'll soon find out.

3 thoughts on “FCC Kills Net Neutrality in Controversial, Interrupted Vote

  1. pjanintx says:

    “Nobody knows for sure what a post-neutrality net will look like (…)”

    No matter what it looks like (it will probably look more like it did before Obama, thank God) it will still be better than Google and Facebook lobbying the government to regulate what ISPs can and cannot do, while having no rules that they have to play by, and that can change from adminstration to administration. Keep the government out of regulation. They should referee only, not make the rules for the side with the biggest wallet.

  2. Keith says:

    Who is naive enough to think corporations are not licking their chops at how they are going to stick it to us.

  3. jwh49 says:

    If you believe that the “Affordable Care Act” made heath insurance MORE affordable, then feel free to believe that “Net Neutrality” made the internet more neutral. We all got along just fine without any interference from the federal government. Don’t forget “I’m from the federal government and I’m here to help you!” ?

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