Fox Nation

Fox News has announced a new standalone streaming service called Fox Nation. The service will cater to the network's most dedicated fans, and will feature new programming and exclusive content. It will not, however, feature a live feed of the existing Fox News television channel.

The service will launch in Q4 of this year, but further details are scarce. The price, among other things, remains a mystery for now.

Fox News' decision to launch an over-the-top service puts it ahead of news rivals like CNN and in the company of networks like Disney-owned ESPN, which is also planning a standalone streaming service (Disney's acquisition of Fox did not include Fox News). But while the new service is certainly cord cutter-friendly, it is not strictly a response to cable's eroding customer base.

Fox Nation is aimed at Fox News “superfans,” Fox News executive John Finley said in a statement, and Fox News clearly hopes that it will act more as a complement to their television offerings than as a replacement for them. Fox Nation will feature fresh content that includes live daily programming as well as on-demand pieces, and that content will not overlap with Fox News' television programming.

That doesn't mean that Fox News itself isn't available over the top: it's already possible to watch Fox News without cable on streaming services like PlayStation Vue. But this standalone service will work differently, offering nothing but brand-new Fox News content.