Is cord cutting a dying trend? We asked you that question in our last Friday Round-Up, because there has been a significant uptick in articles on that subject. The impetus for all these hot takes are new cable subscription numbers, which some say demonstrate a decline in cord cutting.

How seriously should we take this idea? Well, all well-done analysis is worth a look, but there have been plenty of studies that show just the opposite of what these recent numbers indicate. And there's another reason to have faith in the cord cutting trend: Google search trends indicate that interest in cord cutting is growing, not declining.

Here's a look at the Google trends result for “cord cutting.” As you can see, interest in the term is at an all-time high – something that you wouldn't expect of a trend in decline.

Google Trends

Here's a closer look, courtesy of Google AdWords' Keyword Planner. This graph focuses on just the past year. Again, we see a general upward trend.

Google AdWords

Of course, there's more to the cord cutting trend than what we can measure in Google searches. Still, these results indicate that there is good reason to believe that the cord cutting trend is continuing apace.