The Huffington Post

The streaming business is booming – and everyone wants in!

Just yesterday we reported that Facebook is hosting the premieres of two HBO comedies. Now the Huffington Post has done them one better, announcing two entire new divisions and a massive streaming service.

The Huffington Post is planning a 24/7 online streaming video network called “HuffPost 24.” The 24/7 network will feature a mix of live reports and other programming. They're also creating new film and TV divisions that will produce documentaries and other programming. The new divisions will act like a film studio and a television network, respectively: the film division will acquire, license, and produce original films, while the television division will develop and produce new programming.

The site's own original content – including original series and reporting – won't be the only thing on HuffPost 24. The network will also feature content provided by partners like AOL and YouTube stars, according to the announcement.

Cord cutters have to say goodbye to CNN, FOX News, and other 24-hour news networks when they give up cable; but now, cord cutters will have a 24-hour network news network their own. It's a huge step for the Huffington Post, and one that helps them carve out a niche in the growing streaming business.