Amazon has some of the best original series out there, including award-winning shows like Transparent that have helped the service hold its own against rivals like Netflix and HBO. Amazon also has a very unique way of choosing their original series: they ask their viewers.

Like many network TV channels, Amazon makes pilot episodes of multiple shows before choosing which ones to continue with. What makes Amazon Pilot Season unique is that viewers are invited to take a poll and vote for their favorite shows.

Pilot Season at Amazon is happening right now, with five new shows being submitted for your approval:

  • Oasis is a near-future sci-fi thriller about an Earth-born priest on a colonized planet called Oasis.
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel follows a 50s housewife as she reinvents herself as a comedienne.
  • The Legend of Master Legend is a dark comedy that follows a superhero dedicated to protecting Las Vegas.
  • The New V.I.P.'s is an animated comedy about four low-level employees who take control of a major corporation after accidentally killing the CEO.
  • Budding Prospects tells the story of three 1980s San Francisco stoners who move into the woods to grow marijuana, only to meet with plenty of challenges.

You can watch the new shows over at Amazon right now.