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For the first time since October of 2017, Netflix has raised its prices on American subscribers. Subscribers will soon pay $1 or $2 more for their Netflix subscription, depending on the plan.

Netflix's Basic plan, previously $7.99, now costs $8.99. The Standard plan, Netflix's most popular, has gone from $10.99 to $12.99. And the Premium plan, Netflix's only 4K-capable one, has risen from $13.99 to $15.99. The prices are in effect now for new customers, and existing customers will see their payments increase within a few months.

Netflix price increase - new Netflix prices of $8.99, $12.99, and $15.99
You'll have to get used to this

The increases amount to 13%, 18%, and 18%, respectively. Those figures make this the largest price hike in the 12-year history of Netflix's streaming video service.

Price hikes are extremely unpopular among Netflix's user base (our own polls have found staggering disapproval numbers) — though consumers seem unwilling to abandon Netflix, despite what they say in the polls. There are price hike fans on Wall Street, at least: as of this writing, Netflix's stock is up by more than 6% on the day.

In addition to the U.S.-based price hikes, Netflix will be raising prices in some foreign markets. Consumers in Latin America and the Caribbean are among those who will be paying more, though Mexico and Brazil are exempted.

Netflix could use the extra cash right now. Its market is about to get a lot more crowded: Disney, WarnerMedia, Apple, and Comcast are all planning to release new streaming services in the next year or two.

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