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Plex and Kodi have long been rivals in the media center market, which makes Plex's latest announcement pretty surprising: Plex is now be available as an add-on for Kodi.

The Plex add-on will create a “fully-immersive Plex experience within Kodi,” complete with the ability to stream from your Plex server, organize your library, and tweak custom settings. Channel support, remote control support, and a few other features are still missing, though Plex says they're forthcoming.

For now, only Plex Pass members can preview the new add-on. The Plex Kodi add-on has a new user interface, which may offer a glimpse at what Plex will look like on other platforms in the future.

The move is a huge surprise, as Plex and Kodi are in competition. Both services are media centers, offering customers convenient and attractive ways to organize video and music files alongside streaming content.

Of course, Plex and Kodi aren't entirely similar. Plex's main focus is its media server functionality, which enables users to put content files on one device and enjoy that content on multiple connected devices, while Kodi remains on being a media center rather than a media server – it stays put on one device and makes it easy to access local files and stream content.

But Plex isn't conceding the media center game to Kodi – they've announced a “desktop mode” that makes their web app interface available as an offline media center, and they chose to unveil it in the very same blog post that they used to announce the Kodi add-on.

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  1. Debra says:

    If you have a Roku, can Kodi be added to that device? How can I get Kodi?

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